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Author Subject:  Dance Nation Album!! Amazing
Registered User
Post: 190
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Posted 30-07-05 - 05:43 PM
Finally Dance Nation has realeased there very long awaited album and it is absolutely amazing. So far it has only been released in Japan but i'm sure it become a world-wide release.

The album "Trance Champion" has 17 songs on it while 2 are remixes. The album covers Dance Nation, Double Nation as well as there collaborations with Cyber X and S.T.F. I was surprised to see a 3 of there songs missing such as Protection, War Is Over and Joy To The World. While the whole album is typical Dance Nation I very surprised hear the last song on the album called "Aa Natsuyasumi." It's by far my favorite song on the album done in old style euro, extremly fast and upbeat featuring both sean and kim on vocals as all of there songs. Reminds me of "Doki Doki - Too Fast For Love" an old classic favorite of mine. I really hope this becomes a single here. Here's the tracklisting:

"Sean and Kim presents Trance Champion"

1. Dance Nation - Sunshine
2. Cyber X Feat. Sean - Seasons In The Sun
3. Cyber Nation Feat. Sean & Kim - Beach Time
4. Cyber Nation Feat. Sean & Kim - Wa Ni Na
5. Cyber X Feat. Sean - Livin' On A Prayer
6. Dance Nation - You Take Me Away
7. Double Nation - Move Your Love
8. Sean & Kim - Please Don't Go
9. Double Nation - I'm Gonna Get You
10. Sean & Kim - Rise & Shine
11. Dance Nation - Dance
12. Sean & Kim - Celebrate Your Life
13. Dance Nation - Words
14. Sean & Kim - Fallin For You
15. Double Nation - Move Your Love (Sham-Poo mix)
16. Dance Nation - Sunshine (Wippenberg Remix)
17. S.T.F. feat. Sean & Kim - Aa Natsuyasumi

If you get a chance denfiatley buy this album..
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Registered User

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Posted 09-08-05 - 03:30 PM
it's funny to see that you know a Dutch dancegroup ;)
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 192
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Posted 11-08-05 - 11:37 PM
Dance Nation made it high on the charts in Toronto and were reeased on several complilation CD's that are done by the radio staton z103.5fm called "Euromix". Sunshine and Dance moved to the top of the charts fast and the rest never really went anywhere.

It's all about protiomtion and releasing and Dance Naiton now Double Nation seems to release to more countries then the average Dance/Euro group.
3rd Reply
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Posted 12-08-05 - 09:09 AM
they do have great managers then if they
do release those songs in countrys like yours.
Because the most Dance/Trance ain't that
releasable all over the world ...

down here Dance/Duoble nation ain't that populair
First I thought it was Italian music because it sounds
so simular to it ... (and I LOVE ITALIAN MUSIC!!!)

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