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Author Subject:  Scooter's Back Again!!
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Posted 20-11-05 - 05:29 PM
Man this guy never stops. Since 1995 Scooter has released 11 full albums and is showing no signs of slowing down. I just love this guy, so much energy in all his songs and he's most deifinetly the master of rymes.

Scooter's new album "Who's Got The Last Laugh Now?" is defintely there best album since "Stadium Techno Experiance." My favorite thing about Scooter is that he'll cross so many different styles while not looseing any energy at all. This ablum contains songs from trance, happy hardcore, techno, to his energy chants and electric guitar riffs.

1. Lights Out - Short intro tune, tripped out trance with opera vocals.

2. Hello (Good To Be Back) - You guys in Europe have probably already heard this on the radio. Typical Scooter chanting, with a nice guitar bottom.

3. Privileged To Witness - Great trance tune with a return to the high pitch vocals.

4. Rock Bottom - Again another scooter chanting song Not A bad song but sadly it's too similar to Maria (I like It Loud). May as well be part 2. Good none the less.

5. The Leading Horse - Very slow paced song which is not normal for Scooter. Again the main part done in high pitch vocals. Scooter almost sounds as if he's rapping in this song instead so yelling. Very interesting song with a piano and gutars in it.

6. Take Me Baby - Another slow paced tune with a trancey element to it. Took a couple of times through to apreciate it but now i find it very addictive.

7. Apache - Another remake done in techno style. I'm not very impressed by this song as Gigi D'agostino also covered it recently and IMO did a much better job, than Scotter dose. Boreing and not very energetic.

8. See Me, feel Me - My absolute favorite song on the album. High pitch vocals, with scooter yelling his rymes. Lots of energy in this song. Similar to "The Night" my favorite song from STE.

9. Unity Without Words PT.3 - Great pure trance song no vocals. Again showing there very versitial style.

10. Everlasting Love - This song is falls into happy hardcore. A return to his first and second albums. Again with the high pitch vocals and piano bottom, I never get enough of it.

11. Seven Bridges - Classic Scotter tune chanting choir with a tune that surely will stick in your head. Also a very energetic euro tune. Brings back the days of "How Much Is The Fish?" Sure to be a hit.

12. Mesmorized - Nice trance closer for the album. No Scooter vocals but there is a womans voice in the middle. A nice tune which is not typical scooter but again showing there broad range of dance styles.
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Posted 22-11-05 - 01:44 PM
then sorry for not putting a reminder on this message board :P I knew this for quite a few weeks that the new album was released haha :) sorry :)

It's very sad that Scooter is not that popular here thanx to the record company :P

But anywayz ... here is HELLO! the latest released single

2nd Reply
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Posted 22-11-05 - 01:45 PM
Why do you talk about HIM?!
or HE when you are talking about SCOOTER?!
Scooter is more then only the man with
white gray hair!
It's the total band!!!!!

so its THEY :P not HIM!
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