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Author Subject:  Dan-J
Registered User
Post: 33
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Posted 04-01-06 - 11:33 PM
Well.. Think I love Swedish dj's.. :D Found a new DJ from Sweden - Dan-J.. Really loved the lyric in One Breath.. :) Think you should try it out..
His HP is
All his music is downloadeble.. :D
One Breath.. ->

The Trancequility rmx is even better.. :)

Let's celebrate,The feeling,
That never goes away,
Let's celebrate the one breath,
that keeps you alive,
so come here il'l show you,
what to do with your life,
I'll say this once
Cause I love you so,
And need you to stay alive..

Until E-type is coming back :)
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 197
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Posted 19-02-06 - 06:53 PM
Thanks BlackBear, gotta say this guys music is awsome. Well so far I've only heard "One Breath," but if the rest of his songs are anything like this then I'm sure he'll be very sucessful.

Like the lyrics as well, and the layering in this song is great. Vocals could be better but his ability of production makes up for it.
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 198
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Posted 19-02-06 - 11:22 PM
BlackBear thanks for the link. Dan-J's music is the most energetic music I've heard in awhile. If you like "One Breath," listen to "Depressions (Vocal Version)," this tune is amazing the vocals are great...

I don't wanna lie down here and cry anymore,
I just wanna live my life and see if I'll survive,
I don't wanna wake up every morning with these feelings in my head,
I just wanna be the person I am.

Definately on par with "One Breath"
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 35
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Posted 21-02-06 - 03:57 AM
Hehe.. glad you like it.. and he is only 16.. :D
Euro4ever :)
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