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Author Subject:  Poll
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Posted 06-01-06 - 01:44 AM
Hello everybody

here a little reaction on the poll ...
I rather would like to say that it's okej
to do whatever he wants ... as long he will not
make rnb rap hiphop stuff like those
stupid american "nigga" music ...

please make a combination between Made In Sweden and The Explorer ...
then it will be the best album ever!
1st Reply

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Posted 06-01-06 - 02:16 PM
I myself voted for the 3rd option as I think it would be the best way for E-type both to keep his current audience AND reach out to a larger public. However, I think that will take a single release in a bit different genre than we are used to hear E-type's music in, but I'm willing to welcome any kind of music as long as there's still an E-type flavour in it :)

I remember some years back when DJ BoBo suddenly got a huge hit all over with Chihuahua, he had made a slight modification to the music he normally made, and that made him a huge hit all over Europe - it was even recognized in Denmark for quite a while, whereas his previous singles did not get that much attention here. That must mean that the radio stations and DJs go for a certain genre and that might very well work for E-type as well should he decide to modify his music style a little bit in hopes of attracting a larger audience. :)

Well, that's just how I look at it ;)

/// Morten
2nd Reply
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Posted 09-01-06 - 01:25 PM
Mmmm ... maybe you are right ... maybe not!
But as long as he stays away from the NIGGA MUSIC
then it is okej ...
I prever the dance style the most ... in
combination with the rock/pop style ... I guess that
will hit the people, dj's and the dance floors the most!

Look at Gigi D'Agostino who remixes a lot ... most
of the songs go to the top in Italy and Germany etc ...
Look at Madonna ... changes style to DANCE ...
and she got her number 1 hits again ...
DANCE/TRANCE is the music from these ages ...
keep on making dance music ...

It's still a pitty that E-Type did not release DANS LA FANTASY ... because that would be a huge hit for the Dutch charts and Belgium and France and England and Germany and Italy etc ...
Because thats a recognized sound which has GOT THE KEY :)

Oh yeah ... a song like BANCA BANCA must not be found on an upcoming album ... then he will destroy a good ALBUM totally ;) hihi

3rd Reply
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Posted 11-01-06 - 00:33 AM

I think this album is a great chance for E-Type to experiance a little more. Personally I don't think E-Type will reach bigger audiences overseas unless he sang a different way. People over here like the dance trance songs but when it comes to his voice it puts people off. Personally I love the way he sings because it's so different then we are used to hearing. For instance dance is popular over here but for some reason E-Type can never get a grip on North America (Reason his voice).

Also I might add E-Type never releases some of his best songs from his albums like, "Time," "Rain," "Lonliness" or "Dans La Fantasie." I think he's needs to choose his single releases more wisely.

As far as the style for his new album, I think it's should be a very explorative album. As Scooter has done throughout his career trying many different styles. A big room trance song would be awsome just like "So Far Away" or "Dans La Fanatasie." I could see him doing a euro-opera song like some other artists have done, kinda what he went for in "Forever More". He definatley needs to add electric guitars in at least 1 song. Bring back some of "The Exploerer" era, we all know he likes rock as well. IMO mixing rock and euro goes very well together just like Scooter's done in "Fire" and E-Type's "Free Like A Flying Demon." Stay way from the pop style ala backstreet boys, but I could see 1 song added. Oh and also another arabina style song we all know he does the very well.

In short be creative and mix styles, it's what got me into E-type in the first place. But never loose that ultra euro undertone that makes E-Type who he is.
4th Reply
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Post: 34
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Posted 15-01-06 - 09:48 PM
Could not agree more with you mondano.. "Time," & "Rain" Is some of the best e-type songs ever, never to get released.. Actually I would like to see some of the same sound as on "Last man standing" which had the "dark age" as a theme.. Really cool way to make a album.. Euro4ever disapointet me a bit, and I only picked a few song I would listen to..
I hope he will have a female singer this time.. Not he is bad, but I think a duet works better..
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