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Author Subject:  New Albums 2006
Registered User
Post: 196
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Posted 03-02-06 - 01:55 AM
Hey Guys!

So it's a new year and with that comes brand new albums to be released soon by some great artists. If anyone knows of any albums that are to be released soon or through 2006, any info would be greatly appreciated.

So far I know:
E-Type (Of Course), Sash!, Bodies Without Organs (Debut album was awsome IMO) and Evanesance are planning album releases this year.

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Registered User
Post: 199
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Posted 10-03-06 - 10:25 PM
Bodies Without Organs (Awsome Euro Retro Sound) is set to release there new album on April 19th called 'Halcyon Days.' First single from the new album is called "Temple Of Love." Gotta say I really love this group as there sound is very refreshing in a era a pretty stale music releases.
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Posted 12-03-06 - 02:15 AM
Okej also new albums for:

Ace Of Base, Gigi D'Agostino (for sure minimal 2! haha), Prezioso ft Marvin, Gabry Ponte (probably), Eiffel 65 and lot of more great artists!!! :)

3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 200
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Posted 14-03-06 - 00:59 AM
Double Nation (formally Dance Nation) will be releasing a follow-up album to "Sean & Kim Presents Trance Champions" released last year. The first album was extremly hard to find as it was only released in Japan. So far no release date is set.

Also a brand new single has just been released called "Reach For The Light."
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 202
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Posted 17-03-06 - 01:42 AM
May be old news to many of you but Cascada has released her debut album "Everytime We Touch."

She's decided to release the album in Canada/U.S first, as her music is primaily amied for this market. Her songs are very typical uplifeting "Euro Trance" that is now the mainstream. So far many of her songs have gone to top the charts already here in Toronto and her album debut at number 3 on the U.S billboard charts.

I really like her music although, yes it is very repetative, not awsome just good IMO.

Cascada "Everytime We Touch"
1. Everytime We Touch
2. How Do You Do!
3. Bad Boy
4. Miracle
5. Another You
6. Readyy For Love
7. Can't Stop The Rain
8. Kids In America
9. Neverending Dream
10. Truley Madly Deeply
11. One More Night
12. Wouldn't It Be Good
13. Love Again
14. Everytime We Touch (Yaou's Candlelight Mix)

While search for the songs I also came across other songs by Cascada such as "Piece Of Heaven", "Reason" and "Endless Summer". The beats and voice are typical for Cascada but don't appear on the album. The may not be actual Cascada songs but it sure sounds like it. Anyone know any info?
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