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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  E-Type Contest BPM:TV Toronto
Registered User
Post: 204
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Posted 20-05-06 - 09:34 PM
With the release of E-Types "New" CD Euro 4 Ever In America, BPM televison in Toronto Canada is holding and E-Type contest.. Read Below:


E-Type is an Icon in Europe for unbelievable techno/dance/pop/rock. There is no one like him in the world! This is the first release in North America. A compilation of his last two albums, you are getting the best of the best! Both albums received multi platinum status and are destined to reach even higher sales here. Eclectic, and very musical, E-Type is in a class of his own. Listen to the haunting bagpipes in Loud Pipes Save Lives, and then the power of The Predator, and you will understand how versatile and awesome E-Type is! He is an incredible songwriter and performer, so enjoy! His new album will be released late this fall...we are all looking forward to that!!

1st Reply

Post: 383
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Posted 22-05-06 - 11:35 AM
The news has been added to the website. Thank you for the heads up ;) I'll probably send out a newsletter about it sometime soon as well, so a lot more people can get the information in time to enter the competition.

/// Morten
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 205
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Posted 23-05-06 - 02:42 AM
Your Welcome Netroam.

Glad I could actually offer some information to do with E-Type that could be used to update the news page.
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 19
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Posted 30-05-06 - 02:42 PM
Unfortunately, this competition is for Canadians only :(
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