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Author Subject:  Release Date/Album Title Known
Registered User
Post: 219
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Posted 16-06-07 - 08:04 AM
Found some news that hasn't been posted on this site but I assume is official because it's from Martin's record company's page "Lulubelle Records."

Martin says the full new album release should be in August 2007 and the name of the title of the sixth record is gonna be "Europtopia"

Lullabelle records quote:

An artist that at least in scandinavia doesn't need any closer presentation is E-type who now on the labels, Lulubelle Records / Universal Sweden is back with his sixth album "europtopia" which is released around august 2007. "True Believer", the first single of the album, is however already released. According to his producer Max Martin - "The best the old bastard done in ten years"
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Registered User
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Posted 16-06-07 - 08:09 AM
P.S To find the news click artist and then E-Type. Just in case anyone had trouble finding it.
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Post: 402
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Posted 25-06-07 - 08:53 AM
Yeah - I'm well aware of the news actually but the reason why I haven't released the information yet, is because we haven't quite been allowed to tell you all just yet. If you take a look at E-typeportalen they have also neclected to tell people about it, so I suppose they got the same message or something. However, I will look into the matter :)

/// Morten
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