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Author Subject:  Great Album for 2007 to Date
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Posted 25-07-07 - 01:17 AM
I must say after a very very crappy year of music releases in 2006 (at least in North America), I was starting to get board of all my old music. But enter 2007 an wow what a difference, not only do we have great music but variety as well. Here is a lists of my top 5 Albums right now:

1) BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH "STREET GOSPELS" - Not actually released until August sometime, this Canadian (Jamacian sounding) group is one of my all time favorites . One of the hardest groups to describe because every song is so different. Picture Reggae and Soul mixed. Not 1 bad song on the whole album.

2) DOLORES O'RIORDON "ARE YOU LISTENING" - Ex lead singer of the Cranberries is back after many years of silence with her solo debut. I loved her from the start because her voice is so unique. Typical Cranberries rock songs are found here. Basically take the Cranberries hardest and best songs and you'll get this album.

3) LACUNA COIL "KARMA KOMODE" - I only just found out about this group from a friend. (although they have released many CD's) Lacuna Coil is a Goth-rock group from Italy. Very fast guitars with combined (50/50) female/male vocals. Reminds me of Evenesence but much, much harder.

4) DJ TIESTO "ELEMENTS OF LIFE" - I wouldn't think DJ Tiesto would need any introduction. Pure trance energy in every song with amazing melodies. Best Dance CD released so far (have there been others??) Very typical Tiesto.

5) LILLY ALLEN "ALRIGHT STILL" - I'm sure you've all heard of this British girl by now Ok you may think Lilly Allen?? But really it's nice to have a laid back pop album in the mix. I didn't like it at first but it really grew on me.

These are a big range of styles of music, but all very good. Anyone have any other good releases to check out? Can't wait for E-Type's new album to hit stores I'm sure it will e #1 of 2007.
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