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Author Subject:  Eurotopia?! CHANGE IT!
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Registered User

Post: 407
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Posted 29-08-07 - 10:43 AM
I am really shocked ... how can you make a title for an album ... called EUROTOPIA!
Hello?! Are we awake?! Euro ... topia ... shit how bad!

We allready had an album starting with EURO ... called EURO IV EVER ... Why then again starting an album with Euro? It sounds like shit.
Last Man Standing, Made In Sweden, Loud Pipes Saves Lives sounds great ... why don't keeping up the good work with COOL titles ... ??

Not only the idea that the European stuff is getting out of my nose (strange translation from dutch to English hihi) is bothering me of this title ....
But of course is an UTOPIA something which never can be reached ... only a dream ... it is still the WORST title of an album ...
Like BANCA BANCA was the worst song of all E-Type's songs ... :P ...

anyway ... conclusion
What do you think?
1st Reply

Post: 411
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Posted 29-08-07 - 04:03 PM // Updated 29-08-07 - 04:04 PM
First of all - mind your language, please! And stop calling it shit. Why can't you just try to be constructive in your criticism instead of flaming him for using an album title you don't approve of. Is it so hard to say "I'm sorry, but I don't like the album title because of this and that" and just say the things in a normal way rather than using words like "shit how bad", "it's still the worst", "it sounds like shit" and such.

Now - as to your post I both agree and disagree with you, and here's why:

» Yes, we have had an album title already that started with Euro
» Yes, the other titles he used were all really cool

» Eurotopia is actually pretty genious seeing as how - as you mention - a Utopia is a place that actually doesn't exist - a fictional haven of some sort - meaning that E-type wants to symbolize his album as a musical journey into the unknown world of euro-music.
» He mostly probably has more plans with his album than just the title - like he has with every album. I bet the intro of the album will feature a Utopian-style musical score that will sound awesome!
» Who knows if there might be a few "dreamy" tracks on the album to symbolize the Utopian style? Euro dream dance or dream trance. I don't know. Could be cool though.

So believe me ... when he chose the title of the album, it's completely on purpose as he normally chooses titles based on the theme of the album he makes. And I for one can't wait to hear it :)
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 222
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Posted 30-08-07 - 00:35 AM
First of all I think the album title is a interesting choice. First of all hopefully the album will be dominated by the hi-energy eurodance which he is famous for. We all now that he will experiment with a few styles like he always does on his albums. I think Netroam's comment about e-type adding a dream element to a song or 2 would be an awsome idea.

Second, don't forget EuroIVEver was originally going to be called Eurofighter until the events of Sept 11th changed that. I thought that was a good album title too.

Third, no matter what the album title his songs always rock. The beauty of creating music is that even though a song or lyric dose not mean anything to someone else , it often has relevance to the author. Also each listener can interpret the meaning of a song in a different way.
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 121
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Posted 30-08-07 - 01:14 PM
I'm not really happy, too, that the new album title partly repeats previously done work, but I'm sure as well that the most important thing here is the album's content :)

I will start to worry only if the next after Eurotopia album will be titled like "The Discoverer" or something like that :))))
4th Reply

Post: 412
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Posted 30-08-07 - 05:28 PM
Yeah, or "Made in Stockholm" for example :)
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 4
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Posted 30-08-07 - 09:49 PM
Why be shocked? It's EURO.

Speaking as an isolated euroFreak in the USA.. seriously... you're not registered on this site because of a love for his country music or something.

I personally like being reminded that euro is alive and well, somewhere OUTSIDE of my mp3 player.
6th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 410
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Posted 25-09-07 - 10:33 PM
Its kinda funny ... take Gigi D'Agostino, he mostly uses new titles ... (don't count L'Amour Toujours, L'Amour Toujours 2, Underconstruction 1,2,3, Bennesere 1,2,3 :P) but the titles are mostly different.
Or Ace Of Base for example.

Yeah ofcourse Eurotopia is a nice title. But would be bad for market outside Sweden. Maybe Sweden likes it but a title says everything ofcourse!

Maybe it would be better to call it Believer or True Believer instead ... ;) then he can make it on the same way as Eurotopia (because he is a true believer in it :P) ...
Anyway ... the music needs to be good ...
and I really look forward to the inlay and front of the album ... :)

Maybe nice to do this once:
Release a cd with 2 videoclips on it or something ;) would love that :)
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 124
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Posted 26-09-07 - 04:03 PM
Videoclips on CD? Ha-ha! This was in the past century! So now don't even dream about it!

You'd better start beggin' for DeeVeeDee.
I personally am tired to wait for it :)))))
8th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 412
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Posted 03-10-07 - 07:37 PM
oepsie ;) i am sorry ;)
ofcourse I meant a DVD section ... sorry sorry!
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