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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  Eurofighter
Registered User
Post: 7
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Posted 23-09-07 - 11:18 PM // Updated 23-09-07 - 11:26 PM
Enjoy ;-)

I loooooooooooove it!!!
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 56
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Posted 24-09-07 - 03:25 AM
hmm.. it sux pretty bad :( I'm disapointed.. :(:(:(
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 228
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Posted 24-09-07 - 10:20 PM
Wow E-Type leaves eurodance and enters the realm of Trance. This is a new sound for him considering it's a single.

With a single like this he can easily storm onto North American dance floors and dance radio stations.
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 229
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Posted 24-09-07 - 10:45 PM

Eurofighter live performance video............enjoy!!
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 151
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Posted 25-09-07 - 05:28 AM
awesome :)
just listening makes me want to dance and be happy
definitely amazing :)))
God Bless,
-Heather :)))
5th Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 767
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Posted 25-09-07 - 12:42 AM
Like True Believer, it doesn't impress first time around, but does get better as you listen to it more.

Also, can someone please re-host the mp3 somewhere besides rapidshare? (if someone can email it to me, I'll put it up on my server.)

BTW, good job with the lyrics Netroam. :D
6th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 409
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Posted 25-09-07 - 10:29 PM
If Eurofighter is trance music I don't know what Eurodance is ...
It's just another Eurodance song, remains like True Believer ... it's just a great song ... nothing trance in it.
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 230
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Posted 26-09-07 - 02:22 AM
Just my opinion but I have been listening to "Dance" music for many many years now, even though it hasn't been mainstream in Canada since 1995.

I notice a big difference between trance and eurodance, mainly trance is dominated by soaring synthesizers and female vocals. Eurodance has more punctuation on the beat rather than synthesizers and normally a male/female 50/50 vocal split. I also find eurodance has much more creativity with added sounds/noises in the background, "Africa" is a perfect example of this.

E-Type has also had various styles:
Reggae "Lonliness (Ring The Alarm)" , Euro "Angels Crying", Pop "Star", Instramental "Pop Preludium", Trance "Dans La Fantasie", Rock "We Gotta Go" and Country "Angles Country".

Although all of E-Type's music is considered eurodance , it's not true to say it's his only style. It's why E-Type is so great he is always to blend and invent new sounds, which makes him very unique.
8th Reply

Post: 417
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Posted 26-09-07 - 01:12 PM
First off ... One of the rules in the forum state that we can't share mp3's since they are illegal - however - throw me a private mail message here and I'll write back to you as soon as I can with further information.

Secondly ... I've listened to Eurofighter practically non-stop for the past few days and the song has really grown on me and I know the lyrics by heart already. I think it's an awesome track and even better than True Believer. I admit though that the first time I heard it I was surprised to hear all the high notes in the chorus, but I instantly picked up on it and I really love that bit.

(Btw ... Thank you, Flasher T. I have really tried hard to get the lyrics right so I'm glad you think I succeeded) :)

Thirdly ... I agree with A.T.L. that the song is still eurodance and that there isn't much trance in it. Of course it isn't like the typical 90's eurodance but a more modern art of eurodance which has been E-type's trademark for a long time.

It would indeed be interesting if E-type could incorporate other genres as well which we have seen on other albums - like mondano says. I hope that Eurotopia will include a few songs in various genres and otherwise some good E-typish eurodance-tracks. :)
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