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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  Cover Eurotopia / Eagle Logo .
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Post: 413
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Posted 03-10-07 - 07:38 PM
As you can see on and the cover of Eurotopia really looks great!

What do you think about it ???

And do you see the same as I see?
THE EAGLE LOGO RETURNS! Yeah! Again in a different way ... but i really love this one! :)

1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 234
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Posted 06-10-07 - 01:01 AM
I think the cover is awsome and nice and bright too. I didn't like how similar EuroIVEver and Loud Pipes Save Lives covers' were. Not that they were bad but too mch of the same colors.

Love the eagle logo too!!
2nd Reply
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Post: 126
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Posted 06-10-07 - 06:39 AM
Now guys, where the heck do you see the eagle??? :)
In my opinion that is the lion or any other animal, but not a bird definetely :)

Regarding the cover itself, yes, I totally agree that it looks great and different!

Funny thing is that E-type's left arm was still broken when they made this session, so you can see it in gypsum :)
3rd Reply
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Post: 415
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Posted 09-10-07 - 07:05 PM
heyhey Schloss ...
Don't you remember the "eagle logo" ???
Check your CD Made In Sweden or the singles This Is The Way and Russian Lullaby if I am not wrong :)

and also the eagle logo returned in several ways on other albums and on live tours ...
check it out and you will understand it ...

by the way ... the logo has been called the eagle logo for a reason :P

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