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Author Subject:  Sash!/Paris Hilton?
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Post: 240
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Posted 18-10-07 - 07:53 PM
Been waiting so long for the new Sash! album to come out , makes me wonder if it ever will. Apparently it's been complete for a year now, the release slowed down by him having to sign record deals in countries all across the world.

At the same it has been confirmed that Sash! will produce Paris Hilton's new album. That's a weired combination if I've ever heard one. Good for Paris Hilton to get such a talented producer, and maybe not so "out there" since Sash! has collaborated with other famous and unique artist's including Boy George, Tina Cousins, Sarah Brightman, as well as a many lesser known artists.

I can't wait for Sash! to return, as he's one of my Top3 favorite artists including of course E-Type and Scooter.
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