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Author Subject:  Danish Music
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Posted 19-03-11 - 06:22 PM // Updated 19-03-11 - 06:45 PM
Greetings from US!
been a long time since I visited this site or posted anything. Back then I created a similar thread, to which NetRoam was kind enough to respond...

so I guess this is part deux....

Aqua has been releasing some neat new tunes. Their new single is very different in style, being more Electro and more towards recent Britney songs. But I liked it, How UR Doin a very catchy tune, and they will perform it soon on X Factor :-)

Back To the 80's was great and fun, and so was the haunting ballad My Mamma Said... I loved those... My Mama Said, title maybe also a bit of a tribute to fellow Scandi pop-stars ABBA? :-)

also I really got into Alphabeat, especially their second album, which was a great slice of dance music...

and Infernal, wow these guys just keep releasing quality dance...last one I heard called Gunshot is great! Gunshot has a bit of E-Type spirit I think :)

I've also been really enjoying Medina, both in English and Danish ever since hearing Kun For Mig, wonderful singer.. love her new songs like Addiction..

a more recent Danish band that I discovered is Electric Lady Lab... It's Over Now is great Electropop tune, and You & Me is a fun sample of classic Rhythm is a Dancer

anyway, just thought I would comment on some recent Danish dance artists and songs.....

oh yeah, it was also great to see Jenny Berggren in Melodi Grand Prix. Let Your Heart Be Mine was a great song with a powerful chorus, too bad it did not win.
Also Le Freak was great, but they also did not win :(
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