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Links  [Record Stores]
  • Here are a few links to record stores where you could be lucky to get hold of a lot of E-type material

    Scandinavian stores Info
  • BOL
  • International CD-store that also has a Swedish department

  • CD-ON
  • Quite good store which also has a lot of E-type titles

  • Ginza
  • Swedish store which is quite good when searching for Scandinavian artists

    International stores Info
  • Amazon
  • One of the most popular places to buy cd's and other stuff internationally

  • CD NOW
  • Haven't got any E-type titles except Angels Crying, but it's great for anything else :)

  • CD Paradise
  • Got some titles, but they are normally hard for them to get hold of

  • CD Zone
  • UK store with a few E-type titles

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