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Tour Photos  [Last Man Standing Tour 1999]
  • Skanderborg, Denmark  [August 8th, 1999]

    Here's a great selection of photos taken from Skanderborg, Denmark. Photos were taken by, E-type Experience AND professional photographers from Skanderborg Festivalen.

    The first 5 photos were sent to us by Skanderborg Festivalen with permission to post them here at But there is one little catch though and you already know it.

    Skanderborg Festivalen wants to secure the copyright of the first 5 photos and we don't blaim them! We have also copyrighted the rest of the photos so why shouldn't they do it :)

    Anyway.....enjoy the photos!

    Click a thumbnail below to view in larger format

    Skanderborg, Denmark  [August 8th, 1999]

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