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Tour Photos  [Euro 4 Ever Tour 2002]
  • During the summer of 2002, E-type was on tour through the entire country of Sweden including 2 visits to Finland.

    This resulted in a lot of cool concert photos which we exclusively bring you here. We hope a lot of fans will send their photos to us in order to have them on the site to please all E-type fans around. has currently contributed with photos from Lund, Ekenäs (Finland), Helsingborg and Linköping.

    If people decide to send us photos from their concert experiences, we can inform you that all these photos will be copyrighted © to both & the fan(s) who took the photos at their respectable venues. We ask you to please respect this copyright so that no unauthorized distribution will be made

    On the list below you can take a look at the photos we've got from the Euro IV Ever tour of 2002

    List of concert photos
    City / Place Country Date No. of photos
    Lund * Sweden May 17th 21 photos
    Liseberg (Gothenburg) Sweden May 20th 37 photos
    Ekenäs * Finland June 9th 20 photos
    Gröna Lund (Stockholm) Sweden June 27th 51 photos
    Eskilstuna Sweden July 12th 69 photos
    Helsingborg * Sweden July 25th 162 photos
    Östersund Sweden July 27th 23 photos
    Norrköping Sweden August 2nd 10 photos
    Tampere Finland August 4th 27 photos
    Växjö Sweden August 9th 13 photos
    Linköping * Sweden August 17th 87 photos

    *  At these concerts, was represented!

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