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E-type Bo Martin Erik "E-type" Eriksson was born in Uppsala (Sweden) August 27th, 1965. In his teens he moved to Bromma, and now he lives in the middle of Stockholm. His musical career started early. After having been a drummer for many years he met up with Stakka Bo in 1991, with three singles as a result. This lead to a work as VJ at one of the most popular TV-stations in Sweden - Z-TV! The summer of 93, his first solo single, called I'm Falling, was released without reaching any great success.

The great breakthrough came in 1994 when the collaboration with the Cheiron-producers Denniz PoP, Max Martin and Amadin was started. The work with E-types debut-album "Made in Sweden" begun. The first result of the hard work in the Cheiron studio came the same summer, when the single Set The World On Fire was released. It climbed the charts like a speeding bullet and sold gold in Sweden. It reached No. 1 on the Swedish Dance Chart and No. 2 on the Swedish sales-chart.

The follow-up, This Is The Way, reached No. 1 on the sales-chart and was the most sold single in Sweden for several weeks. Eventually four singles were released from the album: the ballad Do You Always (Have To Be Alone) and Russian Lullaby. The album itself was released in November-94 and made it up to No. 2 on the album-chart. All in all, over 100.000 copies were sold in Sweden and the album was listed for 26 weeks.

E-type E-type's tremendous success during 1994 was heavily rewarded at Swedish Dance Music Awards in March 1995. He took a grand slam and won three of the most prestigious prizes: Best song, Best artist and Best newcomer. At the same time Denniz PoP was chosen as the best producer for the second time.

Now the whole world was screaming after E-type. 1995 meant a lot of travelling around the globe for E-type and his Bend over Band. During the latter part of 95 E-type was touring in Asia. Here the hysteria is getting bigger for every day. Six singles were released in France, except the four released in Sweden, one of them So Dem A Com. Also the US and UK have shown their interest. This Is The Way reached No. 15 on the Billboard Club Chart and No. 6 on the UK Club Chart.

Now 96 has ended. This year has meant a lot of work with the new album "The Explorer", which was released in Sweden October 23rd. The album was preceded with the single Free Like A Flying Demon which was released in September. It was No. 1 for several weeks. and so far it has sold more than 15.000 copies (gold). "The Explorer" was No. 12 in Denmark

E-type On "The Explorer", E-type has still been working with producers Denniz PoP, Max Martin and Kristian Lundin, one half of the producer-duo Amadin. But the music has changed. Not dramatically, but on this record you will find more guitars and less techno-sounds than on the previous album. Still this album is a dance-album, including an amount of great songs. The song Back In The Loop is the wildest song since Russian Lullaby and the album contains a lot of more interesting material. So far the album has sold gold in Sweden.

E-type himself describes the album as heavier and more brutal than "Made In Sweden", something you certainly have to agree with.

In the middle of November the second single Calling Your Name from the "Explorer" album was released and entered the sales-chart at No. 18 and the Swedish Dance Chart at No. 8. In a few weeks time it had advanced to No. 1 at the SDC. The remixes were made by Antiloop and Pierre Jerksten. It also went into the Top 20 on the American Billboard Club Chart

The story went on. A handful of singles were released: Back In The Loop, a song about being on tour with the Bend Over band, the great summerhit I Just Wanna Be With You and the fifth and last single You Will Always Be A Part Of Me, which also contained a megamix of the most popular E-type singles

E-type E-type's status as a national hero in Sweden had been very big for a long time, but when E-type went back to his roots, with a more eurodisco-like sound, his popularity increased enormously in all the nordic countries. The first taste of things to come was given to the public in June 1998. Angels Crying, as the single was called, rapidly walked its way up the charts and set the standard for the album and the following single Here I Go Again, which both topped the dance and sales-chart. Another wall in the E-type home was decorated with gold and platinum awards. The album everybody had been waiting for was released on November 27th, and I think that few people were disappointed. "Last Man Standing" lived up to the great expectations. It was his third album, and also the third album on which he had worked together with the Cheiron-producers.

Though all the success, 1998 was the darkest year for E-type and the swedish music-business in a long long time. On August 30th the famous producer and close friend to E-type, Denniz PoP died. Since December 1997 Denniz PoP knew that he had cancer, and already in February he was too sick to be able to collect his Grammy at the swedish awards. He passed on only 35 years old.

/// Information from - The Official homepage

Story from our own point of view

NOTE: This is our version from the release of Angels Crying to now!!!! And since we don't get that much information about E-type, the following is described from our point of view. The single release-dates we mention may not be the right ones, but we're afraid we can only tell you when they are released in Denmark, since that's the country, we're from.

E-type Alright then.......around June 98 he released the first single from his new album. The single was, of course, Angels Crying. This single became a huge hit in Denmark and was one of the most popular E-type singles ever released here. It went up the dance-chart and we even think it went all the way to the top at a time. It also entered the radio-chart (which in Denmark is called "Tjeklisten") and stayed there for about 7-8 weeks. The video for this song was inspired by the movie called "Friday the 13th". This single has already reached platinum, so congratulations, Martin!

E-type The next single was called Here I Go Again and it was released in Denmark in the middle of November. So far this single has achieved the no. 4 spot on the single-chart in Denmark and no. 5 on the dancechart. And no doubt that this song was even bigger in the other Nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway. The video for this song was inspired by the movie called "Poltergejst"

His third album, "Last Man Standing" was released November 27th. This album entered the Danish album chart at no. 18. Unfortunately the week after it dropped to no. 32, but it quickly went back where it belongs, namely at the top 15 (no. 12)  This album is a huge success in the other nordic countries. It has been no. 1 on most of the charts there. Here in Denmark he is also starting to gain a lot of success. His album is selling very well, so let's hope, he can receive "gold" or "platinum" for it here :)

E-type His third single from "Last Man Standing" is Princess Of Egypt and because of a delay it was released February 15th in Sweden instead of January 22nd which was the original date. Well, it came to Denmark sometime in April, because Here I Go Again was still a big hit here at that time, so they thought, it would be stupid to release this single at that particular date. The single actually did quite well in Sweden, so we have heard. But not as well as the previous two releases. It was on the Top 10 of the Swedish Dance-Chart, so that's quite good. Hope, it will gain as much success in Denmark as in Sweden :)  Tracklistings for all the releases can be found at the "discography"-page.

Hold Your Horses Hold Your Horses is the last single-release from Last Man Standing. It was released in the Scandinavian countries June 21st, but we haven't really got any info about how well the sales of this single went. As far as we know, it wasn't that good a single as the previous ones.

Campione 2000 Campione 2000 was - so to speak - the breakthrough for E-type in the Benelux-countries - especially Holland where the single reached top 5 on their Mega Top 100. The success was, of course, because the song was the official song for the European Soccer Championships in 2000 which took place in Holland & Belgium in June/July!

Es Ist Nie Vorbei After the success Campione 2000 gave E-type, there were a bit silent around him until Christmas-time of 2000 - already in August we had found out that he was in the process of making a duet with the astonishing german techno-princess Blümchen. The song was called Es Ist Nie Vorbei and it's a perfect example of mixing both German and English into a brilliant pop-song. The song didn't get much success though as we had hoped - and it was only released in Scandinavia, since Blümchen had another single out in the rest of Europe at that time.

Afterwards it's been quite silent for about 8-9 months since E-type went to the studio to write and record new songs for a new album which is scheduled to be released this fall. The title of the album is going to be Eurofighter and it was already known back in August 2000. If it has changed since is something we have to find out as he releases the album!

/// - Official Danish Website

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