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Tour Diary  [Last Man Standing Tour 1999]

This part of the site has not been translated yet

Part 1:  E-type & "The Frying Demons" visits the Finns ...

Finally the tour has started. It was great to get the show on the road. First stop was Finland and 2 gigs in Lahti & Kuopio on May 21st and 22nd.

We are travelling with 2 big nightrider coaches. In the band coach, which without a doubt HAD to be yellow again and therefore is called The Yellow Danger 2, are 16 seats, 15 beds, stereo, video, toilet, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and more. This coach is going to be our summer home this year, and it feels ok.

The two gigs in Finland were OK. We had a few technical problems, but it should be fixed till wednesday (May 26th), where we will take on Liseberg in Gothenburg.

The songs we played in Finland were:

Angels Crying Kuopio
Back In The Loop
Calling Your Name
I Just Wanna Be With You
Hold Your Horses
Morning Light
Free Like A Flying Demon
Princess Of Egypt
Set The World On Fire
Russian Lullaby
This Is The Way
Here I Go Again
Forever Wild
Living After Midnight (Judas Priest cover)
We Gotta Go

After the last gig in Kuopio we drove directly to Helsinki Airport and arrived there next morning. A really good thing, since we could get home 1 day earlier than we had thought.


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