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Concert Reviews  [View Reviews]
  • It's now possible to write about a concert experience you've had. Have you met E-type during a concert in Stockholm, Sweden? Have you seen anything worth mentioning during an E-type show? Or have you perhaps something else on your mind you want to share related to an E-type concert?

    Write about it here and give the visitors another E-type experience by reading about yours.

    List of reviews
  • Report about "Release Party" in Stockholm [November 21st - 23rd, 2001]
  • Valentine's Day report (Helsinki, Finland) [February 14th, 2002]
  • To much talking [2002-08-17]
  • E-Type In Toronto!!. [October. 13. 2002]
  • Lousy????? [June]
  • Diary from Eurovision Song Contest, (dress rehearsal) , Gothenburg [27 february 2004]
  • "Loud Pipes Save Lives" Release Party in Stockholm [20-03-2004]
  • "Eurotopia" release party at Blue Moon Bar, Stockholm [01-11-2007]

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