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Tour Diary  [Last Man Standing Tour 1999]

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Part 8:  Last 2 gigs on the tour & a kick-ass tourclosing party!

- Story from Ljungby - by NetRoam
- Story from Sunne - By Lasse P
- Story from the tourclosing-party (Sunday August 29th) - By Johan Dereborn

Ljungby with a big crowd where at least 50% were drunk!!
- by NetRoam

I was there with my sister & brother, and we experienced the most pushy crowd ever! Take the pushing from Helsingborg or Skanderborg and multiply that by 5....then we have this crowd - hehe.

BUT first things first.......the day of the concert started for us with a few lessons at school. At noon, I picked up my sister and we drove to Århus to pick up our brother. Then the trip was on the way. Over the bridge between Funen and Sealand, to Helsingør and with the ferry to Helsingborg and then another 120 kilometers to Ljungby. We arrived at around 9 PM to the youth hostel (where we were staying) after driving for about 8 hours. At 9.45 we drove to Garvaren where the concert was gonna be. We were actually some of the first to be there, and at the opening act we were standing on the 1st row. But when E-type got on stage the massive pushing started! It was so hectic that my brother had to get my sister out of there, because she was really in pain!

Anyways.....despite this it was a great concert! At the end of Back In The Loop (2nd song) Dee suddently left the stage and didn't come back until I Just Wanna Be With You (4th song). Reason?? I don't looked like she somehow broke a nail which hurt pretty bad. After this song, the band was setting up to play Hold Your LjungbyHorses, but instead they surprised Martin and played him a birthday song! He was pretty overwhelmed by that and the crowd went wild!
The rest of the concert was ok, although the bass-volume might have been a little bit too dominating, since it was hard to hear what Martin and the others were singing. A funny episode was when they were going to sing the last song (Here I Go Again). Martin started singing: "It's time again to let the storm rise!" - and then he stopped. He did that 3 or 4 times.....and then he went to the lyrics-book, but couldn't find the song! Then Håkan went to the stage and found it for him, went to the front of the stage and showed the lyrics to Martin. He then started singing (reading) the lyrics from the book and then the song was under way - hehe. The ending was, of course, the greatest once again. Johan and Max stood at each side of the stage throwing their instruments (bass & guitar) to eachother and catching them!

Excellent concert! I got in contact with Johan after the show and he rated the show to be 3+ on a scale to 5, so that's pretty good :)

Sunne - An even worse round of pushing!
- by Lasse P

The last show in Sunne was great!!! A lot of extra songs (for example "Highway To Hell" and "Forever Wild")!! And they were great as ever on stage!!!!
The first half of the show there were some hard pushing from all directions and I had some funny Norwegian Rolling Stones-fans on my right side!!! They were nice though and liked the E-type-show as well!!! *he,he,he*
Behind my back I had some drunk girls who wanted to get in front of me and was boxing my back all the time!!! But, NO WAY, I didn't let anybody get my place!!!! *
Suddenly, somewhere in the middle of the show Annie got over to Martin and said something, pointing in my direction!!!
Then Martin took the microphone and said something like this: "Annie has pointed out for me that we´re having a guy in the front row who has been to at least the last 15 gigs!!!! Not only Sunne!!"
After that he asked about my name, but he couldn´t hear because of the shouting crowd!!!
Johan got to him and said my name!!!

After that I got a cup of champagne and he got the whole crowd to give me a big applause and cheering (of course from the whole band as well!)!!! When I got the cup he said: "Hope you're not driving tonight"!!! (Sorry, I did!)

One of the Norwegians raised my arm to the sky like I have won some competition!!! *he,he,he* - I almost died of the attention because of my modesty!!! *he,he,he*

After all this the pushing was much less!! Even the boxing girls behind was treating me like a celebrity!!! *he,he,he*

What can I say??? It was the greatest I have experienced in a long time and I will go to work on Monday with a smile on my lips!!!!

I'm only sorry that the tour is over now!!! I want to enjoy more gigs!!!!! *he,he,he*

Tourclosing-party - Awesome way of ending a great tour
- by Johan Dereborn

Hi there!

Wow....phew....the tour is OVER!
Sweet relief, but a little sad as well... We've been working really close together since early april!
The ending of the tour was a quite cool event, no scandals (except the suspicion of a romance/affair INSIDE the band!!!!....NO! I won't say anything more about that!)
Martin's birthday was celebrated in Ljungby - we had a few bottles of champagne, and some cake and so on. You can read more about the 2 last gigs above (NetRoam & Lasse has written about them)
Anyway the Sunday (29th) we were told to be at a boat harbour at 6 PM. We had a nice boatride for about half an hour, left the boat and had a short walk across the island where we landed, and as we rounded a corner there was a table with drinks...
After cleaning that table, we got inside a barn, where a traditional swedish crayfish party was organised (kräftskiva). Luckily no cameras were present....You see, a part of the tradition is that you put on silly little paper-hats, and (haklappar?) You should have seen us the "rockstars" with them hats, singing silly songs, eating crayfish with our bare hands....ooohhh...
Another part of the tradition regarding these crayfish parties is the excessive consumption of "snaps" (swedish booze). You sing a silly song, have a snaps, eat some, sing another song, drink another snaps....and so it goes - all night long!

Eventually, 4-5 hours later, we somehow made it back to the boat, which took us back to Stockholm city, where a table was reserved at "Café Opera". There the party continued, starting with some yellow stuff with bubbles in it...and then went on and on...
A curious detail was that one band member fell asleep at the table (actually two or three band members, but the others woke up again), so Håkan and Gert had to carry the person out of the restaurant, into a car which was driven by this person's partner. When they arrived home, the partner didn't manage to get the band member out of the car, so the poor, helpless pop star had to spend the last night of this year's E-type tour folded up in a car...

I'm glad it wasn't me!!! (HONEST, IT WASN'T!!!!!)

Well, I guess that's about it for now, see you all later!


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