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Tour Diary  [Euro IV Ever Tour 2002]

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Part 2:  Season premiere was a mixed pleasure
  • Written by NetRoam

    E-type and Dee live on stage!
    E-type and Dee live on stage!
    (Photo: NetRoam)
    May 17th - the day of the season premiere of the Euro IV Ever tour. The day started out alright with my sister and I going to school until noon. Nothing spectacular about that - we rushed home, so we could start preparing for our trip to Lund. We left home in Southern Jutland (Click here to see the map) at around 4 PM and drove towards Copenhagen. At approximately 9 PM we reached the central train station in Copenhagen where we were to pick up my sister's boyfriend who was joining us for the concert. Out of Copenhagen we went with the rush hour traffic direction Sweden. Another toll-bridge up ahead ... kinda expensive trip :) But here came the big awkward part of all ... We had left home without a map, so I was seriously in trouble as I got to sweden, because there were no apparent signs leading to Lund, so I just had to trust my intuition ... luckily that did lead us to Lund, so that was great!

    Well arrived in Lund, we found a parking space about 1 kilometer or 2 from the karneval-site ... according to some bypassers, they thought it was a good idea to park so far away, since there are a lot of drunk people around at night so the car might not be safe if it's too close by. After a nice stroll around the city we arrived at the karneval-site and got inside ... it was about 1 hour and 15 minutes until the concert-start, so we went to a place nearby the stage, where I called up Johan Dereborn (bass-player in the band) to settle a deal with some backstage passes. We agreed that the tour manager would call me not less than 15 minutes later, so everything could be in order with a visit backstage after the concert. To my surprise, he never called me, so I was feeling quite awkward throughout the beginning of the concert knowing that I might have a problem getting backstage after the show (turned out later to be true ... will be described a bit more later).

    The stage was all covered by a giant Swedish flag that was dropped to the ground as "Life" bursted out and left the crowd in complete ecstasy. The show was absolutely fabulous, and since the show started at 10:30 PM it was dark which made all the pyro-technics, fire and such look just the way it should at a performance, and it was just astonishing to look at. The set-listing was as follows:

    Russian Lullaby
    Angels Crying
    Calling Your Name
    Set The World On Fire / Hold Your Horses (Medley)
    I Just Wanna Be With You
    Free Like A Flying Demon
    Back In The Loop
    Princess Of Egypt
    Banca Banca
    Here I Go Again
    This Is The Way
    Campione 2000

    The entire show was kept at maximum speed, and every member of the band gave their 100% in order to pull off a perfect performance. What was new in the show which hasn't been seen on any other E-type show before (neither on the Last Man Standing tour or any other tour) was a little acting by the band as they - while playing Free Like A Flying Demon - was "attacked" by a demon with wings on stage ... the band was hunted around on stage while playing, and E-type started "throwing" smoke-bombs at the demon who finally fell to the ground leaving E-type and the band in victory. Another funny thing was when E-type went to the front row and found a Swedish guy who made a little rap about E-type - great impulsive act that left E-type surprised and a bit touched as well. All in all this was a fabulous concert that I can recommend to everyone!

    If I was to mention a negative thing about the concert, it would have to be the crowd watching the show. How I hate to be pushed around so much as I did and it's every single time I attend a concert in Sweden ... they just don't know how to behave themselves ... as if they would gain anything out of pushing so hard ... they want to get to the front row - they can't - why can't they just leave it at that and enjoy the show instead of constantly pushing so large masses of people will either fall or get so squeezed together that they faint and have to be carried away. Didn't they learn anything from Roskilde Festivalen 2000?

    One thing I found both weird and ok was the stage crew spraying water on the crowd. They did it as people were sitting on the shoulders of another person to get them down, and they also sprayed water on people who were troublemakers (pushing hard to get closer to the stage). The fact that they sprayed water directly, and I mean directly in my right eye even though I didn't do anything, is completely unacceptable I think ... I was really afraid that I had lost my contact lens which would make me unable to drive back to Denmark at all ... luckily it didn't go so bad, but I was really mad with the stage crew person.

    Anyway, the show ended with a big bang and a few rockets being fired towards the sky, and people went away from the stage leaving only the stage crew and E-type's tour crew cleaning up the area, so we went to talk to the crew asking to get backstage to see E-type and the gang. At first it sounded positive, so we went to the far end of the stage to talk to another stage crew member, but she obviously had no intention what-so-ever to let us in, and she didn't even want to go inside the actual backstage area to tell the band that we were outside asking to come in. The tour manager was no where to be seen, and we couldn't get hold of Johan on his cell ... we waited outside for 1½ hours talking to every stage crew person we could, and noone was willing to help. After a massive fireworks - that was at least 5 times bigger than the fireworks in Tivoli, Copenhagen - we decided that we didn't want to wait anymore for things to happen, so we went back to the car a bit grouchy thinking about the fact that we had spent about 1.200 Danish kroner to get to a concert in Sweden without getting the chance to meet the gang.

    As we got back to the car we started driving towards Denmark again. After a few detours we arrived safely back in Denmark and we set course for northern Sealand where my sister's boyfriend's parents live, and we spent the night there. The day after it was time to go back to Jutland and back to real life again.

    See you on tour again in Helsingborg on July 25th!!!

    /// NetRoam

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