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Tour Diary  [Euro IV Ever Tour 2002]

This part of the site has not been translated yet

Part 5:  E-type takes on Eskilstuna ... !!!
  • Written by Chrissan

    It's spelled 'W' 'O' 'W'. WOW!
    12 July, 2002. Sunbyholm trot, night-trot, Eskilstuna (Sweden)!

    Since this was my first E-typeconcert (yes I know, I'm bad...) I can only say that this is the best concert ever!! I've been a huge fan for a few years now and I'm a really lucky fan that can meet him several times and talk to him almost whenever I want and now he's in town with the Tour IV Ever.

    After working on E-typesites and talking to a lot of true fans out there I knew that his concerts are something special with fireworks and great music, but I never thought it would be this good! It was almost that I would start to cry when he started up with greeting everybody. This great artist who really, really likes to be on stage entertaining the crowd, know how a concert should be. Should I do as everybody else starting from the beginning?

    Sure... I left my house with my parents at 8 PM. The show were about to start at 9.30 PM so we went early if there would be some problems getting in. Since we were on the guestlist (!) I knew it would be some problems after reading NetRoam's (webmaster) problems earlier this tour. And of course I was right!

    Ok, the guestlist was there, but without our names! My dad called up E-type and told him how it was and E-type told him to call the manager and get him to fix it. By the way, E-type were in the shower when we called him... quite funny! =) Well, my dad called the manager and he promised to have it fixed within 5 minutes. 5 minutes went and no one told us anything, then we checked the ticket seller again and they had heard something about a securitycard who were down and were going to fix us in. But no, nothing. Since my father has a real temper he once and for all talked to one other ticketseller and she didn't know and said as everybody else; "Check in the other box!". "NO!" said my dad, "now I'm not going to another box again!". She felt that maybe it's best to let these guys in since they know "the king" and in we went - THANKS!

    When we got in to the biiig trot-area we soon spotted the stage. Quite big actually. We bought something to drink and went away for the stage. There was about 100 people there already even though it was almost 45 minutes to the show. After a while of waiting and talking to friends I spotted a big yellow bus coming from the big trot-house and stopped at the back of the stage, and I knew it was their tourbus. And I was right, after a minute I spotted Johan Dereborn (bass-player) and E-type (big artist) in the backstage-area! After a few more minutes the speakers started to sound a really nice song called "Norby IV Ever" first track of Euro IV Ever). When it ended it was all started...

    ...the Swedish flag in front of the stage fell and the whole band were there and finally some good music! Starting with "Life" is of course the best way to get the crowd jumping. After the song he greeted everyone and asked questions about the trot, then next song started. After a few songs my best time for this night came... He talked about Eskilstuna and a great family with a father who is the best clay-pigeon shooter in Sweden and also asked if they were there somewhere. We jumped and waved and he spotted us and gave a big smile and waved back. Then he said: -"and his son has done the best homepage about me ever!". I'm pretty sure he talked about! Damn I was proud, even though I haven't made the site! A few songs more and once again he mentioned us, this time we got a song dedicated to us (I don't remember which one =().

    With a lot of dances from Dee and the other girls, E-type's singing, fireworks and fire they ended after about 1 hour... but the crowd wasn't satisfied, so the drummer started to do a great drumsolo for a few minutes... during this the big drumset was lifted slowly up and underneath him E-type come rolling out on a small drumset!! E-type hit the drums a few times and the big drumset followed. They did this a few times with loud noise and fire. Suddenly the whole gang come up on the stage and they did two more songs before the end.

    During the concert we were able to hear great songs like "Set the world on fire", "This is the way", "Free like a flying demon", "Campione 2000", "Africa", "Life" and "Hold your horses".

    Afterwards we thought we could go backstage... after a few tries we heard that they were on the way into the bus so we went around the stage to the big yellow bus. There the whole gang went in the bus and Johan Dereborn and E-type were outside writing autographs. We called for E-type but he didn't hear us and went in the bus. The bus started up and went away to the trot-house where they were changing clothes.

    We went to our cars to go home. When we stood in a line to get out of the trot-area E-type called my dad and apologized that he couldn't meet us backstage and it wasn't diva-behavior. They just couldn't... maybe stressed to some other place.

    I've said it before but now I can stand for my words: If you haven't been on a E-type concert - do it!! It's one of the best experiences you can get, it's even better then just listening to his records!

    Very well, next time (2nd August in Norrköping) I'm promised to get backstage and I sure will! This time I'll borrow a good camera and see if I can get some nice photos this time.

    Best regards,
    //Christoffer Rasmussen (Chrissan)
    Swedish assistant and translator

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