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Tour Diary  [Euro IV Ever Tour 2002]

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Part 6:  Surprise in Stockholm and visit by firefighters!
  • Written by Johan Dereborn

    Johan Dereborn live on stage!
    Johan Dereborn live on stage!
    (Photo: *unknown*)
    Gröna Lund was overall a bit of a surprise! Playing in Stockholm can be a bit of a bore, actually. The audience here often is a bit blase and not easily impressed or enthusiastic. Add a terrible weather to that, and you'll understand that we didn't have very high expectations for the show. But boy were we wrong!!! It was a great audience, making us play a great show! Probably the best Stockholm gig we ever did.

    The next day we boarded the bus and everything was back to normal again. Stopped for food in Nyköping, and my girlfriend Malin came by to say hi with her workmates. This means that two BIG firetrucks pulls up at the McD outdoor area... she's a firefighter. Martin tried the seats in the trucks and we had a nice chat.

    Back in the bus we had a session with GTA 3, we finally got a memory card to the PS2 and didn't have to start all over every time.... (Anyone have tips regarding this game please let us know!) We arrived in Falköping around 1900, had a bite to eat, some rest and a shower. Got to the venue and the weather once again was terrible. But once again the E-type fans proved to be made out of the right stuff! A small (1500?) but LOUD crowd gave us another great hour on stage!

    Back to the hotel for a quick shower and then, around 1 AM we got back on board the bus... The tours first real bus-party was a fact! Playing music, massaging feet, shoulders and backs, drinking, discussing and so on. A really nice party! It lasted until 5-6 in the morning when silence finally fell...

    Saturday we finally arrived in Skellefteå, after 1000 km! Checked in, had a bite to eat and so on. The show was probably up in the top five of this tour so far, everything was GREAT and we were really happy! The party lasted until 6 in the morning and ended in blood....I tried to carry Helene on my back, but we lost balance and I hit the sidewalk with my forehead. Blood everywhere! After some cleaning up I went directly to bed in the bus!

    Sunday was reeeeaaaalllllly boring.... 800 km's is a loooong way home.

    see you all down the road!


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