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Tour Diary  [Euro Metal Tour 2003]

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Part 1:  Warming up for the Euro Metal Tour 2003!
  • Written by Johan Dereborn

    The entire lineup for the tour!
    The entire lineup for the tour!
    (Photo: United Stage)
    We started out in a freezing cold wintery Stockholm. Minus 20 celsius....
    Brrrr.... Down in the usual basement rehearsal place we started re-writing the songs. Hard work - but much fun! The first afternoon a photographer came in, and we took press pics for the tour. Looks like this:

    Rear L-R: Pontus Norgren (Guitars) Roger Gustafsson (Guitars) and Me
    Front L-R: Therese Löf (Vocals), Mikkey Dee, Martin (E-type) and Linda Andersson (Vocals)

    The second day we rehearsed and in the evening we went to the recording studio, where we laid down the background tracks for "Africa" and "Russian Lullaby". We finished at about 2:30 in the morning... Wednesday, same thing except the evening was spent with vocals in the studio. Looong days (18 hours) but still much fun! Rest of the week passed and Friday night we all went out to a fine dinner at an Italian restaurant, and had a great meal and a few drinks. When they closed down that place we moved on, and from there the rest is best kept confidential... ;-)

    Saturday was DAY OFF and Sunday we started all over again. This time at a large rehearsal place with stage, PA and such. Now we met the crew, which consists of: Niklas Ekström - tourmanager and monitor engineer, Mike Wawrzyniak - Backline technician, Stefan Sjöland - Lighting engineer, and Johan Walin - Sound Engineer. A truly fantastic bunch of guys, totally professional and totally insane... Days were spent banging away heavy metal at 110 dB and suddenly it was time for the final rehearsal, with invited guests as audience. About 100 people had gathered and we ran through the show without any major mistakes. It felt really good and the comments afterwards were overwhelmingly positive. All in all pointing in the direction of a great premiere in Gothenburg!

    We all look forward to get rolling on the road and to see you out there!


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