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Tour Diary  [Euro Metal Tour 2003]

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Part 3:  First days of rehearsal and tour!
  • Written by Johan Dereborn

    E-type playing guitar live on stage!
    E-type playing guitar live on stage!
    (Photo: Morten Pedersen)
    Thursday 16/1

    Day spent traveling Stockholm – Gothenburg. In the evening Mikkey had invited us all to his home, where we had a great meal (and a few drinks) We watched a bunch of Hard Rock DVD:s and had a good time overall! We also go to hear the sound of Mikkeys Ferrari! About 2 am most of us were safe back at the Hotel

    Friday 17/1

    Soundcheck / Rehearsals at Valand at 15.00 and after that dinner and preparations for the premiere show! The cell phone was glowing – you don’t know how many friends you have until you are part of a premiere… the guest list was looooooong! Anyway the gig was totally OK and we had a great time on stage. Afterwards we had a traditional premiere party which lasted until about 8 am…

    Saturday 18/1

    We left Gothenburg at 13.00 and headed for Lidköping. The ”rockband-name competition” was won by mr Dereborn! Stefan Sjöland, previously undefeated had to give up the champion title. The crew did a great job, turning a too small, ugly stage into a large enough, nice looking one Gig preparations as usual, and the gig wasfine, except for some technical problems. The afterparty was held in the relax/sauna department of the hotel, lasted until 6 am and contained roof climbing, tile floor skating and a lot of laughs!

    A great premiere weekend and kick off, and we all look forward to the rest of the tour!


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