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Tour Diary  [Euro Metal Tour 2003]

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Part 5:  Skellefteå seems never to disappoint the guys on tour!
  • Written by Johan Dereborn

    Johan and Roger on stage at the Ekebo gig
    Johan and Roger on stage at the Ekebo gig
    (Photo: Morten Pedersen)
    Hi Y’all!

    Thóught I’d give you an update two-thirds into the tour, just before the BIG finish (8 gigs in 11 days).

    So far this little tour has contained all the essential ingredients of a great tour! You know, good meals/bad meals, great hotels/lousy hotels, nightrides, bus parties, awesome gigs/crowds, some drinks and so on. In the last part of the tour we also hope to be able to go snowmobiling, skiing and after-skiing! So far the best gig was last weekend in Skellefteå. Imagine standing on stage with people in 3 stories right in front of you, and in the middle of the first song the floor-level crowd pushes the fence 2 meters forward, right up to the stage so the security guys just had to run for their life! The energy and power of this crowd was really something special! Funny thing is that Skellefteå also was one of the top five gigs on the E4E summer tour AND on the LMS tour. Great city!

    Other than this we are now into the third bus of this tour (previous ones had trouble w heating etc.), we are into the third backline technician, as Roger unfortunately had a BAD car crash last week. Send him a get well thought! We are also getting really close together, it’s gonna be really sad to separate from these guys when it’s all over…. Hopefully we’ll get back together this summer though. I think it has been really great travelling together with the crew this time. Usually we don’t get to see them very much as they go in one coach and we in the other, but this time we get to see what kind of crazy guys they really are…

    All in all the tour so far has been REALLY great and I’m looking forward to the last third of it! Hope to see you all somewhere down the road!


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