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Misc.  [Admin Diary]
  • This is a quite new section to this website, and I guess you all wonder what this is :)

    Well, recently the whole crew have been wanting to send out small messages which were too big to be on the front page, and if we posted them on our Message Board not many people would get to see the message, since we believe that the board isn't used very much unfortunately. So THIS is a diary, the webmasters can update, if they have messages to the E-type community out there or if we perhaps need any help from you!

    A few words from the webmaster
    August 16th, 2000 - by NetRoam

    Hellow to all out there!

    Once again it's time for a little update here at our Admin Diary.

    First of all, I just wanna tell you all that this friday (August 18th), it's my birthday, so anyone want to congratulate me for that, then please do on my e-mail which is

    Secondly, in the weekend from August 18th-20th I won't be reachable via e-mail or ICQ, so if anything very important should turn up, then please sms me by using the sms-function at our contact-page!

    Finally I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my co-workers of this site, posh! & Stingbat. Without you guys, this site wouldn't have come as far as it is today! Especially all the interactive stuff we have on this site is something which hasn't been seen on any other E-type site and a lot of the ideas and work has to be credited to my trusty companions! I'm really glad to have you guys around. Thanx a lot!

    Hoping for an even better co-operation to come with lots of great ideas for the site!

    Take care and keep the E-type spirit alive everyone! So long

    This is the webmaster signing off....

    /// NetRoam

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