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This part of the site has not been translated yet

  • Hi and welcome to - Official Danish Website of E-type

    This page was created November 25th [1998] by NetRoam, and it has been through massive updates ever since. All in all there have been 5 previous designs. Screenshots of these designs can be viewed below

    Around March/April [1999] my good friend, posh! came along, and he has been a very useful source, and he is also the man behind many great ideas to this site, which have been made lately.

    At summertime [1999] the crew got another member, Stingbat. His main job is to make all the scripts for this website and he has really done a great job so far!

    2 years later [Summer of 2001] we more or less said goodbye to posh!, since he hasn't shown interest in the site for a very long time and in addition to that he hasn't brought anything new to the site either, so from now on there are only 2 in the crew!

    We all hope, you will enjoy this homepage! Don't hesitate to e-mail us, if you should have any questions or comments

    Previous designs
    Design 1

    Click to enlarge
    1st design [November 25th, 1998]

    Comments from the webmaster:

    The very first design from 1998. Long time ago. Not really a very fabulous design, but it was the beginning of a website that changed my life a great deal! At first I didn't even have much on the site to brag about, but that fortunately changed for the better!

    This version of the site was only online for a little over a month!

    Design 2

    Click to enlarge
    2nd design [January 3rd, 1999]

    Comments from the webmaster:

    Quickly after I had the first version online, I started working on the next design. Made a new menu and added a few things, but the fact of the matter was that it would be a design which wouldn't last that long since I wasn't quite satisfied with it somehow. Ideas came floating in my head at that time, so that's the reason for those quick redesigns!

    This version of the site was only online for about 4 weeks!

    Design 3

    Click to enlarge
    3rd design [January 30th, 1999]

    Comments from the webmaster:

    This design was a real kickstarter for me. At first I made the design with the same info as I had on the previous designs with a few additions. But a certain conversation with Universal changed everything a great deal! Turning Official made me want to make the site bigger and better. More additions were made and I got 2 friends to help me on the site, so we soon got a more enhanced version of the site done!

    This version of the site was online for about 5 months!

    Design 4

    Click to enlarge
    4th design [June 27th, 1999]

    Comments from the webmaster:

    This one was actually pretty popular as it was online. It was a bit more well-structured including sub-menus to all items in the menu. We actually made a complete redesign as to all the info we had on the site. New ideas on how to present the stuff and it worked out pretty good. A lot of new sections were added as well!

    This version of the site was online for almost 5 months!

    Design 5

    Click to enlarge
    5th design [November 25th, 1999]

    Comments from the webmaster:

    A new design was made both to celebrate this website's 1 year anniversary but also to celebrate the release of E-type's greatest hits album which was released the same day this new design went online! Again the website has grown a great deal since the last design adding downloads and lots of other stuff but otherwise there weren't that much changed on the "older" sections of the site!

    This version of the site was only online for about 3½ months!

    Notice: The present design was uploaded March 7th, 2000 which means it's been online for at least 1½ years!

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