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Updates from 2000
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Day 2 of the E-type weekend added
July 29th, 2000 - by NetRoam

[11:00 PM] Day 2 is under way in Holland - Baarn & Hilversum have been visited and we've also been on the radio-show called "Tijger Show" (Tiger Show) which Danny (webmaster ...
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Latest weekend news!
July 28th, 2000 - by NetRoam

[11:30 PM] The weekend in Holland is under way and we're having enormous fun here! Camera's rolling, pictures are taken, music is being listened to and a whole lot more is ...
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First official E-type weekend. Holland, here we go!
July 21st, 2000 - by NetRoam

The very first official E-type weekend is going to be held next weekend from July 28th to July 30th! The weekend is hosted by the E-type Experience (Dutch Official homepage) in ...
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Chart-positions for 'Campione 2000' in both Holland and Sweden.
June 21st, 2000 - by NetRoam

No news as to the chart positions of 'Campione 2000' in Denmark, but we do know that the song keeps on rising on the Dutch Mega Top 100 ...... 'Campione 2000' is now on the 5th ...
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Co-operation between official sites about a competition
June 1st, 2000 - by NetRoam

Yes, finally we have a competition for you! It's made as a co-operation between & and you can be the lucky winner of E-type's brand new ...
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E-type's soccer song 'Campione 2000' is now released
May 29th, 2000 - by NetRoam

Finally it's here! 'Campione 2000' - the official song of the European Soccer Championships has now been released. The single is released all over Europe, but in the UK it'll ...
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Sound-clip now available of 'Campione'
May 15th, 2000 - by NetRoam

The daily Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has yesterday, on their website, published a few seconds of the official UEFA-song "Campione", performed by E-type. The newspaper predicts ...
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Release-date of E-type's European Soccer Championships 2000 single 'Campione 2000' is now official
May 9th, 2000 - by NetRoam

E-type's EC2000 song 'Campione 2000' is going to be released on May 29th for the public to buy. Still uncertain if it's released all over Europe or just Scandinavia at that time ...
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A little news-update on Campione and more
May 3rd, 2000 - by NetRoam

As you all know E-type was chosen to sing 'Campione 2000' - the official song for the Euro 2000 This single is going to be sent out to the radio-stations this week and will ...
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E-type makes the Official song for EC 2000
March 31st, 2000 - by NetRoam

Yep, E-type has made the official song for the upcoming European Soccer Championship which is going to take place in Belgium and the Netherlands sometime in June The song is ...
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Updates:  1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30

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