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News Archives  [News from 2000]

Updates from 2000
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Max Martin and E-type forms a heavyrock-band
March 2nd, 2000 - by NetRoam

Max Martin and E-type forms a heavyrock-band These were the news from the Swedish magazine OKEJ 2/2000. E-type once played in a heavyrock-band called Manninya Blade (1987-88), ...
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Bad news regarding the mentioned re-release
February 14th, 2000 - by NetRoam

We were a bit too fast out with the news about the re-release of "Greatest Hits" Stockholm Records reported us that there is no intention of releasing the CD again, so obviously ...
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New release to DJ's only - 'E-type Megamixes'
February 1st, 2000 - by NetRoam

New release for DJ's Only - 'E-type Megamixes' Yep, the very first release of this millennium is out, and it's a little compilation of E-type megamixes made by the ...
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Info about the E-type's latest release 'Greatest Hits'
January 30th, 2000 - by NetRoam

Little update on the Greatest Hits release! ------- As you all know, the Greatest Hits was released in November, 1999 which contained all 15 single releases of E-type + ...
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Updates:  1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30

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