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News Archives  [News from 2001]

Updates from 2001
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This week's chart-positions!
December 11th, 2001 - by NetRoam

E-type is still going strong on the Swedish charts since he's still in top 5 on all 4 major charts. Here's a more specific view of the chart-positions: "Life" is #1 on the ...
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E-type had a successful release-party
November 25th, 2001 - by Stingbat

The release-party for E-type's new album "Euro IV Ever" was an event that noone will forget that easily. He was a perfect host who had a great selection of other artists on stage ...
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E-type - the king of Voxpop
November 13th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Today Swedish Television broadcasted a show called Voxpop where the viewers could vote for their best musicvideo, and they voted E-type's "Life" to be number 1. Congratulations ...
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E-type's single 'Life' released!
November 12th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Today is the day, a lot of E-type fans have been waiting for. His brand new single "Life" has been released, and we're all very excited to see if the song will do well on the ...
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E-type to perform a lot these days!
October 27th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Along with the future-release of the next single "Life" E-type is going to perform with this exact song a number of times on Swedish TV. It all starts tomorrow Saturday, October ...
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E-type's new video to be shot this saturday!  [edited]
October 20th, 2001 - by NetRoam

E-type's next single is going to be called "Life". It will be released today to the Swedish radio. When it will be released to the public is still unknown but it will most probably ...
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'E-type väljer sina eurofavoriter' sold gold
October 9th, 2001 - by NetRoam

According to information from Stockholm Records E-type's compilation album "E-type väljer sina eurofavoriter" has sold gold which means 40.000 copies. We here at www.etype ...
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E-type joins a secret club with Crown-Princess Victoria
October 7th, 2001 - by NetRoam

According to the information from the Danish weekly magazine called "Billed-Bladet" the Swedish Crown-Princess Victoria has formed a secret club of best friends. The only apparent ...
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E-type's birthday + Compilation-album released
August 28th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Yesterday was E-type's 36th birthday. would like to wish him all the best on his birthday! August 22nd a special album was released. The album is called ...
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E-type's album scheduled to be released this autumn!
August 1st, 2001 - by NetRoam

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet E-type's new album will be released by autumn. The album will be harder than before and far from ballads and boy-band-pop. It's a clean ...
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Updates:  1-10 | 11-20

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