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Update Archives  [Updates from 1998]

Updates from 1998
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New Year greetings!
December 31st, 1998 - by NetRoam

Happy New Year.........I'll see you in 1999
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Monthly statistics!
December 25th, 1998 - by NetRoam

My site has now been up for 1 month exactly. All in all about 2000 people have been here for a visit. Thanx a lot. I hope the next month will be just a good as this one.
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December 24th, 1998 - by NetRoam

No updates today. BUT I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Hope you'll have a nice day with lots of presents :)
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Lyrics update!
December 22nd, 1998 - by NetRoam

Corrected some of the lyrics for spelling errors and other things.
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News and picture-update!
December 21st, 1998 - by NetRoam

Added 4 pictures. 3 of E-type and 1 of Nana. Some news were also added
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December 18th, 1998 - by NetRoam

Added some more news
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New cover added!
December 17th, 1998 - by NetRoam

I added the cover for "Made In Sweden". The other one I had, was a bit too small
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News update - cover added!
December 15th, 1998 - by NetRoam

- I added some news. - Made a "latest E-type news" on the right hand side of the front page. - I also added the cover for "Last Man Standing" on the discography page ...
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Added pictures and audio-links!
December 13th, 1998 - by NetRoam

- Added 3 pictures. 1 of E-type, 1 of Nana & 1 of Dee. - It's now possible to download all 3 albums on mp3. Only catch is: They're located on another server, but who cares, ...
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Picture-viewing script adjusted
December 11th, 1998 - by NetRoam

Adjusted the new "viewing pictures" thingie. All image previews are now in black/white, so they can be loaded a little bit faster than before.
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Updates:  1-10 | 11-20

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