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Update Archives  [Updates from 2001]

Updates from 2001
Updates:  1-10 | 11-20
Merry X-mas
December 24th, 2001 - by Stingbat

We here at would like to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas! Hope you will have a great evening together with the ones you love, and get a couple of nice ...
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Huge update to celebrate 3 year anniversary
November 25th, 2001 - by Stingbat

A moment of insanity came upon us these days. After returning from Stockholm at around 8 PM (friday), we began updating which resulted in the following: All lyrics to "Euro ...
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Tracklist for "Euro IV Ever" added!
November 21st, 2001 - by Stingbat

Today we have added the tracklist for "Euro IV Ever" which is released later today. No sound clips available yet, but they will ofcause be added as soon as possible. Besides ...
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New monthly poll added!
November 13th, 2001 - by NetRoam

The old poll was a bit too outdated since we also had that one online before our big upgrade, so now it was time to change it! The result of the old poll was that most people ...
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Life video & screenshots added to the site!
November 10th, 2001 - by NetRoam

A week ago Stockholm Records sent us 14 screenshots from the new E-type video "Life". Due to a pretty busy schedule they weren't added to the site until today. There really are ...
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Album/Single cover + lyrics for 'Life' added!
November 1st, 2001 - by NetRoam

Information about E-type's single "Life" has been added to the Official Swedish homepage ( along with the cover and lyrics. Now we've decided to do the same! The ...
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Our mega-upgrade finally uploaded
October 27th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Well, today is the day for our long-awaited mega-update. It's been long under way, but we had to be sure that everything was made to our own satisfactory. Time was also a barrier ...
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Interview with E-type from Finnish radio added!
October 20th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Today, October 20th, E-type was on the phone with Finnish DJ Sanna Kiiski to give an interview to the Finnish radio Kiss FM. The entire interview - which contains some rather ...
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Created and added an E-type weekend 2001 banner
July 3rd, 2001 - by NetRoam

The weekend needed a little advertising, so the webmaster spent yesterday creating the banner for the E-type weekend 2001. The banner was converted to flash by Stingbat, the amazing ...
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A little update on the forum!
June 20th, 2001 - by NetRoam

It's no secret that the message board on this website is very well-visited and used by many as well. So far it has been so that a person writes a message - this message will be ...
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Updates:  1-10 | 11-20

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