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Update Archives  [Updates from 2002]

Updates from 2002
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4 year anniversary of!
November 25th, 2002 - by NetRoam

4 years ago today was a day I - the webmaster of - will never forget, because that was the day I started up this website - a website that turned out to be the biggest ...
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New photos + site-changes
September 22nd, 2002 - by NetRoam

Today, we added 24 photos from the concert in Ă–stersund from July 27th. The photos were taken by Rigge. Due to a lot of work and school, it hasn't been possible to add them until ...
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Photos, poll & diary-part added today!
August 21st, 2002 - by NetRoam

Today we have a nice update for you all. We have added 179 photos from 4 different concerts. We have added a new monthly poll which can be very interesting for great E-type fans ...
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New photos and diary-parts put online!
August 11th, 2002 - by NetRoam

Today, we have yet another big photo-update here at All in all 69 photos were added. Also 2 more parts for the tour diary has been added. Johan Dereborn is ...
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New tour-photos added. Record-high amount!
August 3rd, 2002 - by NetRoam

Today, we added some new tour-photos which were all from the Helsingborg concert on July 25th ... all in all a record-high amount of 162 photos were added to the archive ...
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The competition has found a winner!
July 23rd, 2002 - by NetRoam

Finally after some weeks of waiting for the result of the competition, we can now announce for all of you that a winner has been found! The competition was about this year's live ...
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61 tour-photos put online!
July 12th, 2002 - by NetRoam

A couple of days ago we got photos from 2 different venues, but since it took a while to edit the photos and have them uploaded, they haven't been put online until now. But they ...
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New diary-parts, new reviews and a competition!
July 1st, 2002 - by NetRoam

As you all know the Euro IV Ever tour is running solidly through most of Sweden, which gives us extra stuff to add. Johan Dereborn, the bass-player and conductor of E-type's live ...
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Tour diary 2002 + photos online
June 18th, 2002 - by NetRoam

The Euro IV Ever tour has been running for about a month now, and what a tour it's been. So far have been present at 2 concerts which are the tour-premiere in Lund ...
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A new poll has been added!
June 12th, 2002 - by NetRoam

The old poll was up and running for 2 months and it resulted in 36 votes. The question was whether people would go see an E-type concert this summer, and 22 people (61%) wouldn't ...
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