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Update Archives  [Updates from 2005]

Updates from 2005
Updates:  1-10
7 year anniversary for
November 25th, 2005 - by NetRoam

Today has been online for exactly 7 years which is quite a long time if you ask me. The visitor count this year has been quite a bit lower than last year though seeing ...
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New tour submenu has been added!
July 7th, 2005 - by NetRoam

Seeing as how E-type and the band do perform and make appearances at various festivals / gigs / shows without being a part of a tour, we have decided to add a submenu to the Tour-section ...
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Website running smoothly again
June 21st, 2005 - by NetRoam

Some of you might have noticed that this website has had problems during the last couple of days. The graphics were corrupt and I'm sure the interactive stuff haven't worked either ...
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Message to Community members!
March 16th, 2005 - by NetRoam

Seeing as how we have about 650 Community members in our database, it's important for us to let you all know that it's necessary to have an updated e-mail address in your profile ...
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78 new photos added to the archives
January 11th, 2005 - by NetRoam

Today I finally found a bit of time to catch up a bit on the photos that I've had lying on my harddrive for far too long. Today I added 78 new photos from the following venues: LPSL ...
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Updates:  1-10

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