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Update Archives  [Updates from 2006]

Updates from 2006
Updates:  1-10
Follow-up on chat-event last night
December 3rd, 2006 - by NetRoam

Last night we had a little chat-event planned to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. Unfortunately we experienced certain difficulties during the night. First of all our current ...
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Time for the chat-event tonight
December 2nd, 2006 - by NetRoam

As promised on the website a week ago, we will tonight be having a chat-event to celebrate our 8 year anniversary! Unfortunately we forgot to mention what time to have the chat-event ...
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8 year anniversary at
November 25th, 2006 - by NetRoam

Once again we can celebrate an anniversary here at This year is our 8th year online which is quite a long time. Unfortunately the last few years have been pretty ...
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A much needed guestbook update
June 8th, 2006 - by NetRoam

During the last several months our guestbook has been the victim of huge spam attacks putting everything between 10 and 100 entries in the guestbook every day with all sorts of ...
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Webmaster's view of the latest poll results
March 27th, 2006 - by NetRoam

1½ weeks ago the latest monthly poll ended and here is a recap of what the question was about, how the results were and my reactions to the results. The question we asked was: ...
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New poll record + a new poll online
February 7th, 2006 - by NetRoam

A few days ago our recent monthly poll closed down with a record number of people voting. The former record was set back in April of 2004 with 87 votes on which of E-type's albums ...
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New monthly poll
January 4th, 2006 - by NetRoam

Today a new monthly poll was added regarding E-type's next album. Be sure to go and state your opinion on the matter. Click here to do so. The poll ends on February 3rd, 2006.
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Updates:  1-10

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