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Band  [Scandinavian Headbangers (2002)]

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  • As we all know, Martin isn't alone on stage. His live-band - so far unnamed since half of the band is new since the LMS-tour - has always had a big part in E-type's live-shows. Firstly he started out with "The Bend Over Band" which mainly consisted of old friends of E-type. Later on they became "The Frying Demons" since only 3 remained in the band for the LMS-tour.
    The band has, however, had it's ups and downs. As we all know the great backup vocalist Nana Hedin was just one of many who unfortunately decided to leave the band before the LMS-tour. It was a great loss, but E-type has certainly shown that there are other female vocalists who can carry on after Nana.

    The line-up for this year's tour is as follows:

    Members of the band
  • Andreas Dahlbäck
    Drums & Vocals (Has joined E-type on previous tours and is the one who keeps the order in the band. Other artists he has been on tour with are Creeps and Titiyo among others)

  • Staffan Brodén
    Has been a stand-in for Tomas Bergqvist 5-6 times at the 1999 tour. He's a bald-headed gothenburger, talented musician and a great guy! He's also in Johan's band for the Swedish version of "Den Stora Klassfesten" (A Danish TV-program with celebrities and their former class-mates)

  • Johan Dereborn
    Plays bass, sings and is the band leader. Dr. Alban is one of the artists Johan has worked with. You have probably heard Johan before, he produced the country version of "Angels Crying", that was included both on the "Here I Go Again" single and the "Last Man Standing" album. And he has also played Free Like A Flying Demon in a country version on Swedish TV with his own country band called Tumbleweed Trail. Apart from all this, he's also a very good friend of the webmasters here at

    [Visit Johan's homepage]

  • Danne Eklund
    Keyboard player. Also a member of the Bend Over Band. Makes the drinks for the pre-parties, shows and after-parties!

  • Frank Rönningen
    Last summer he was on tour with Jumper, now E-type gets to use his keyboard- and singing-talent on the tour

  • Roger Gustafsson
    Guitar. An old friend of Johan's. They've been playing together for ten years in every possible situation. Roger was a part of the country-band "Tumbleweed Trail". He was in the original band of "Den Stora Klassfesten" (as was Staffan Brodén!) and they've been playing hundreds of different gigs together. He's a reaally nice and funny guy and fits right into the social and musical feel of E-types touring act!

  • Helene Genym
    Backup Vocalist, was also one of the backup vocalists at E-type's release party for Euro IV Ever

  • Ida Engström
    Backup Vocalist


  • Therese Löf
    Backup Vocalist


  • Dilnarin "Dee" Demirbag
    Backup Vocalist & Professional dancer. She has been with E-type since the beginning. There's really no reason to make any further presentation of her!

  • Technicians
  • Robert Telenta
    The tour manager


  • Gert Pettersson
    Sounds-engineer and production manager who has toured with everybody, loves it loud!

  • Steve Persson
    Monitor-engineer, who makes sure that the musicians can hear themselves when performing

  • Micke Holgersson
    Lightning-tecnician who makes the band look better than they really do

  • Jakob Lundälv
    Backline-technician who takes care of all the instruments, which also includes fixing the smashed ones after the concerts

  • Rasmus Sand
    Backline/Drum/keyboard technician


  • Dave Huff


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