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  • Here's a little list of the members of "The Bend Over Band", who was with E-type from the start until this 1999 tour. This "old" band consisted mainly of personal friends of E-type. One person who have been with Martin all the way, is the very talented and famous dancer & singer, Dilnarin "Dee" Demirbag. She's the "singer" in almost all musicvideos and all her great work has caused people to think that she IS a part of "the band E-type" (Something we hear ALL the time here)

    Members of the band
  • Andreas "Adde" H├│rnsten
    Bass. The leader of the band at that time - ate fire

  • Markus "Mackan" Alderb├Ąck
    Keyboard. The craziest man in the band. Took care of everything

  • Daniel "Danne" Eklund
    Keyboard. Is a part of "The Frying Demons" now - took care of musical arrangements

  • Kristina "Kicki" Hansson
    Singer & Dancer. Toured with E-type the first year

  • Micke Pietile
    Played the guitar - is still with E-type in the "Frying Demons"

  • Nana Hedin
    Best singer in Sweden. Known as "The Voice". She has sung with lots of artists other than E-type

  • Dan "Danne 2" Widegren
    Drums & Percussion. Took care of the candy shots

  • Johan "Jocke" Dal
    Played Drums & Percussion

  • Dilnarin "Dee" Demirbag
    Backup Vocalist & Professional Dancer. Got known to the public thanx to her part in the band

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