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Author Subject:  Question: Euro-Metal tour?
Registered User
Post: 65
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Posted 15-01-03 - 00:15 AM
Will E-Type be playing his already produced euro music transformed into euro-metal or will he be playing brand new songs done in euro metal? I ask this because in the news update you mentioned africa. If it is brand new music, is there going to be a new album realsed soon?
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 19
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Posted 15-01-03 - 08:10 AM
Hey Mondano,

The Euro Metal tour, which will see E-type perform "thundering heavy metal" versions of all the biggest E-type hits. there were plans for a promo single, but as was stated by Stockholm Records: "No new promo single will be released or sent to radio before or around this tour. If things are going good we'll see what happens afterwards." So we have to wait and see, no new plans for an album are there.

webteam E-type Holland
2nd Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 261
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Posted 16-01-03 - 07:09 PM
If E-Type wants to release songs in Methal style ...
(and what do you understand under EURO methal ...
just call it Methal then!!!)
Then I hope he will release it under an other name
then E-Type ...
E-Type is DANCE/POP ... and not METHAL!

I am not fan of an METAL artist ... ... ...
I am fan of an DANCE/POP artist!

see ya
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 216
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Posted 17-01-03 - 06:57 AM
Does it really matter? He can choose any name he wants but the meaning of the songs, the instance won't change. Am I wrong?
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 20
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Posted 25-01-03 - 01:29 PM
As for me I don't care about the name. But frankly speaking I don't like Martin's idea about Euro-Metal.
5th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 264
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Posted 25-01-03 - 01:55 PM
Maybe the meaning will not change ...
But the sound will change ...

And for METAL you have a less little adience then for POP/DANCE ...

So I request E-Type with all my heart to have an other name if he wants to continue with the Methal music ...

And once again ... I still dont know why people call E-Type his normal music EURO-DANCE ... there is nothing EURO about ... its just DANCE or POP ...
no EURO in front of it ...
I guess it is the same for the METHAL he makes!

see ya
6th Reply

Post: 167
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Posted 25-01-03 - 03:03 PM // Updated 25-01-03 - 03:14 PM

First of all - you can't really say anything for certain about the new Metal style since you haven't heard it yet ... and to the ones who haven't seen a summer-tour show either, I can tell you that at those concerts they ALSO play E-type's hits in a rock kind of style but still with the euro-feel to it - they still use the keyboards to play the melody of the songs. As to the Euro Metal Tour the songs don't differ much - they have just replaced the keyboards with another guitar and let that guitar-player play the melodies ... and I can only tell you that it sounds awesome!

To tell you the truth - in these days with all the rock-artists making their appearances on the charts (just look at Linkin Park, Nickelback, The Calling, Avril Lavigne, Bon Jovi and more) I think E-type has a better chance at becoming a big name throughout Europe if he released his Euro Metal style of music than with Eurodance ... I do know that Eurodance is what made him popular in the first place, but I think that in order to obtain the success an artist wants, one needs to make some sacrifices and go with the kind of music, today's people tend to listen to. Let's face it ... most people listen to rock-music rather than dance-music and it's really hard to convince people to switch music-style. That's also why E-type didn't win any awards this winter, since Kent (Swedish rock-band) won with their rock-music.

I think the Euro Metal Tour 2003 is an awesome idea which really gives people an idea of how E-type also can sound like! And that way he can also see if people are more enthustiastic about this new style or if they rather want to hear him with his old dance-style.

I just wanna say - being the incarnated E-type fan that I am - that I support E-type in every little step that he makes and if that should be releasing a rock or metal album then that's what he chooses and I'll support him no matter what. My music-style is very versatile, so I like a lot of different styles in music. I have heard the new Metal sound of E-type, and I absolutely love it!

If you people really are true E-type fans, I bet if you look deep in your heart, you'll also support him in whatever step he makes ... otherwise you'll just become a fan that was - a fan that fades out because E-type changed his style.

But I have to admit that we would, of course, like him to stick with eurodance since that's the music we fell in love with to begin with, but that still doesn't make it less wrong for him to change the style, if he feels that's what he wants.

Anyway, that's just how I feel about all this :)

/// Morten

PS. Btw ... the expression "Eurodance" is a matter of definition. To me the definition of Eurodance is exactly the same as the one I found on a Eurodance-website - here it is:

"A "classical" Eurodance song could be described as a song containing a strong beat ranging from 110 to 150 beats per minute (BPM), a creative and catchy synth melody, female vocals for an easy-to-remember chorus (or sometimes for the entire song), male rap or ragga-rap (sometimes male vocals too).
Eurodance is named from the fact that it is mainly produced in Europe"

If you think of E-type's music - can you recognize the above in his songs??

So there you have it! That's why E-type's music is called Eurodance and I share the same definition above.
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 1
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Posted 25-01-03 - 03:32 PM // Updated 25-01-03 - 03:37 PM
A.T.L. I Understand what your talking about, I don't want to be a fan of a METAL artist. Since I shared the feeling, some time ago. But... I grew up, and learned that Metal is in a lot of cases even better then Dance/Eurodance. I learned to appreciate a lot of different styles of Music, and I heard the Euro Metal tour at Göteborg and let me tell you, it was so great, and it still had the E-type dance feel to it. Why don't you listen to the new style before judging?

As for your comment on E-type not scoring with the Metal style... Metal is more popular then dance in Holland. Plus, you are comparing the rest of Europe with Holland, while Holland is not like the rest of Europe. Germany is... somewhat, but if you take italie for example, you see great crowds for Hard Rock and metal. Then again, the only reason I see why dance is popular is because you can dance to it. Dutch people like to dance in Disco's. Well that's about it....

Well, to make it complete one quote of Linkin Park: "No matter what you see, your still so blind to me"

Assitant Webmaster
8th Reply
Registered User
Post: 66
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Posted 26-01-03 - 05:40 PM
I was probably the first person to respond negative to the road E-Type is heading down. I was afriad of E-Type "selling out" by just makeing rock music to sell more records. My views have changed a little now. I actually think it is a good move for E-Type. While dance is popular in the Toronto area the rest of Canada listens to rock, pop and country.

As for his style now he is most defiantley Eurodance. I don't know how you could disagree. He is nowhere near a pop/dance group. Come to North America and listen to the music hear, trust me it is all pop/dance. While Eurodance is a general title there are many categories that come under it:
Trance, House, Euro, Techno etc...
E-Type is a EURO artist NOT pop/dance. Just listen to the high bpm's and synthesisers, pop/dance contains niether.
9th Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 247
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Posted 27-01-03 - 12:51 AM
...and another totally meaningless flame here on the EDK forums...

E-type isn't successful because he makes music in a successful genre. He's successful because he has his own unique style. So far he hasn't stuck to any particular kind of music, making everything from rap (We Got The Atmosphere, to a certain extent So Dem A Com) to pop (Calling Your Name) to hard rock/metal (Back in the Loop, We Gotta Go) to ballads (too many to name) to trance (So Far Away), not to mention his traditional genre. All the songs I mentioned were in an unmistakable E-type style, and that's a very precious quality in today's music scene where producers rule and there's half a dosen distinct algorhythms for making stars.

So whatever style E-type decides to pursue next - metal, country, whatever - it will continue to be his own, personal music. And that's the quality that makes me a fan. In all his diversity, E-type has yet to make a song that would disappoint me; I don't see why a change of direction would be a bad thing.

10th Reply
Registered User
Post: 2
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Posted 29-01-03 - 05:53 PM
Hey Guys: take it easy, OK!?`I see you all so upset so I thought I'd explain the whole thing to you. Are you ready? Here we go: The Euro Metal Tour we are now doing is a way of taking the e-type songs to new live venues, too small for the show we usually do. Instead of using playback tapes or so, we decided to make the whole tour a bit different. As NetRoam so wisely said, if you've ever seen an E-type gig, you know it's not THAT far from what KISS does live. This time we refined that part of the show, called in our old friend Mikkey Dee from Motörhead to see what that could bring to the songs. So far it's been really great, and the only negative respons we got from the swedish press is that this tour was TOO SIMILAR to what we've done so far.
To further ease your minds, I can tell you that there WILL be new "traditional" E-TYPE songs/albums. Martin is putting the studio up right now, and the sonwriting probably starts in March/April.
It's a little sad to see that you all are so stuck in what's always been... If you don't take any chances, or steps in new directions you will be a very sad, predictable person.

Chill out, enjoy life and take good care of yourselves!

/Johan Dereborn
11th Reply
Registered User
Post: 218
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Posted 31-01-03 - 09:32 AM
Actually I don't mind all these changes and I'm really looking forward to hear this new sound. And, at last, whatever E-type does I'll be his greatest fan!

I think all we change is turning better.
12th Reply

Post: 208
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Posted 31-01-03 - 12:02 AM
"woohaa", as the Turks would say...

Somehow I am starting to doupt if a certain person is a fan at all. And I have said that before.

Why should E-type change his name if he wants to change his style? I mean, E-type is E-type, but that doesn't mean that all the songs should sound like "life" or "angels crying" or what ever you would see as the "traditional E-type song". Do you want all the songs to be in F minor, structure should be A B A B C B B?? How about the beat? What would you say of 125BPM? Do you have any suggestions on the bass-lines? How about keyboards, shall we have them throughout the song, or only in "solos"??

I mean, come on!!! Like Flasher T wisely showed, E-type has already browsed through so many styles, that there IS NO "traditional E-type song" in my opinion. There is a traditional sound, though, and that is the "individual sound" that makes me an E-type -fan. I guess I have never mentioned it here, but E-type is the only artist in the dance-genre that I ever have even liked. I don't listen to the "disco-dance" music, I don't listen to other euro-dance artists, the only one I listen to is E-type, and that I listen a lot!

As far as I have heard, the "euro-metal tour" has NOT lost the E-type-sound, that makes people his fans. It is just brought up in a different way. God I wish I could hear it, but logistically (and even more financially) it is totally impossible for me to take any more trips from Turkey to see another gig.

As Morten, I also support E-type on what ever style he wants to try. I guess that is what a "real fan" does. And I think that if he should change his name to do something different, it would be just stupid. after all, the "metal songs" are all E-type-songs, so why should he perform them with any other name???

just... grow up.

Reporter & Assistant
13th Reply
Registered User
Post: 69
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Posted 31-01-03 - 10:11 PM
So many times on this site I hear people say no matter what e-type does I will be a huge fan of e-type. I have to say although I have always loved e-type's various styles of dance music, that dosen't make me a fan forever. Let's say e-type all of a sudden does north american rap music then I would hate him. I can't stand rap music. If I did like e-type no matter what he did then that would mean he would be a pop artist and I would be a pop fan. Pop and euro are different and e-type is a Euro artist not a pop artist. E-Type showed his true style in Euro IV Ever and that is where he belongs. I am still a little sceptical about his euro/country album style but I will give it a try. I am afraid it will sound like crap and he will loose my respect. I mean seroiusly "angels country" was a pretty crappy song but tolerable.
14th Reply
Registered User
Post: 3
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Posted 01-02-03 - 04:21 PM
Mondano - who the hell are you to be a judge? "That's where he belongs" simply thye most stupid comment i ever heard! And by the way, "Angels country" - a crappy song? No, but maybe a crappy version of a great song (Angels crying). Don't open your mouth until you know what you're talkin' about! By the way, the country project, which is actually progressing just fine, won't have anything to do with e-type, so you won't have to listen to a single note of it. I guess you can sit around with E4E until you fade away completely.

Yes, I'm hung over and in a generally bad mood today, but your stupid comment would have pissed me of any day.

15th Reply
Registered User
Post: 70
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Posted 02-02-03 - 06:45 AM
OK first of all I am a fan of E-Type's music as it is now and I have always been a fan. Not to say I will be a fan of his newer material.

Also I never said "Angels Crying" was crappy I said "Angels Country" was a crappy song. I mean honestly do you really believe "Angels Country" would be a hit if you released it as a single? (No). Please I want your honest answer to that.
It is not awful but not great either. Just look at e-type most successful songs to date, they have mainly been all euro smashes and that is why I and others love you guys.

To your rant on who the hell am I to judge? Well I am a fan and don't forget that fans are the ones who ultimately earn you a living. If you had no fans then you wouldn't be around. I have bought all the E-Type albums except for "The Explorer", which I can't get a hold of in Canada.
16th Reply
Registered User
Post: 22
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Posted 02-02-03 - 06:19 PM
I am a huge fan of E-Type and will stand by him whatever he wants to do. if he wants to play different kind of music, it's ok for me
17th Reply
Registered User
Post: 23
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Posted 02-02-03 - 06:38 PM
there's something I want to ask

Bassman. is E-Type coming to Finland during the Euro Metal Tour? last year I saw three E-Type gigs in Finland :) they all were great :) can't wait to see you again

Aliisa Juutilainen from Finland
18th Reply
Registered User
Post: 4
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Posted 03-02-03 - 01:27 PM
OK, mr Mondano, you really don't get it - do you?
"Angels Country" and "Angels Crying" is the very same song, just in two different versions. Sort of like a remix, see? So you can't say that one of them is a great song, and the other one crappy. The versions differ a lot and you can, of course, like one and hate the other, but the fact is that it is still the same song.
Also, I completely understand that you are a fan of Martins material as it is right now (hard to miss that...), but my question was who the hell you are to decide "that's where he belongs". Like you own his person or what?

Also I, if anyone, know the value of treu fans and I do my very best to keep the relation between the band/artist and the fan base as good as I can. If your tone had been a wee bit nicer I would have sent you the explorer album right away.

I'm not gonna waste any more time arguing with you in these matters, it simply don't seem to be worth it. I look forward to see the rest of you guys in the future!

Best regards


Aliisa, it looks like the Euro Metal Tour will stay inside sweden for now, but you'll never know what happens in the future... ;-) keep checking this site for the latest news!
19th Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 254
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Posted 03-02-03 - 02:09 PM
1) It is my honest belief that if Angels Country had been properly adjusted, properly promoted and released in Texas, it would do quite well.

2) E-type wouldn't do North American rap music, cause he's not North American; if you look at European hiphop it's much closer to E-type's music. That's just a side note though.

3) IMO there's a difference between Martin Eriksson and E-type. Martin Eriksson is free to do whatever he wants and pursue whatever musical genre, and while I can make an educated guess that I would still be a fan of that, I can't be sure. I do believe however that E-type, as a brand and a musical artist, carries a degree of responsibility to the fans.

4) I don't suppose there's any chance of an E-type gig in Estonia anywhere in the foreseeable future?
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