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Multimedia  [ video]

This part of the site has not been translated yet Promotion Video - Jubilee 2004

To celebrate our 6 year anniversary of this website (November 25th, 2004) we have decided to upload a very special promotion video. This video was created in 2003 by NetRoam (webmaster) which so far has been a secret project only intended for himself and closest friends. NOW we have decided to share it with all of you guys, so you can enjoy the hard work our webmaster went through to create this promotion megamix video.

The video was made during the webmaster's study to become a multimedia designer so it took about a few months to create - mainly caused by the fact that there was also a lot to study plus the video is over 13 minutes long. We hope you will enjoy this video as much as he did creating it. Comments about it can be written in the forum.

Video preview
Watch video  [DUAL ISDN 128k]
Watch video  [MODEM 56k]

Old Promotion Video - 2000

Even though it's pretty old by now we still feel it should be possible to view this video which is the old promotion video, posh! made for the website back in 2000. Unfortunately he's not with us anymore, so therefore the video is a bit outdated.

The video is made as a mixture of some of E-type's videos to the sound of a special Campione 2000 mix - also the work of posh!.

This video is in a bit of low quality, so some features might not look as well as it does in DivX-format or mpg-format, so hopefully we will create a better RM-version soon!

Video preview
Watch video  [56k]

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