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  • Welcome to the E-type video-section of A section a lot of E-type fans have been waiting and looking for - not just on this site but everywhere! But finally it's here!


    Second single from "Euro IV Ever". Traveling to Africa by plane will never be the same when E-type and Lasse Ã…berg is on board!

    Watch video  [256k/512k]

    Angels Crying

    This video was a real hit on MTV. It's hard to remember how many times we saw it aired when the single was at it's best, but it was a lot! (Inspired by the movie called "Friday the 13th")

    Watch video  [758 KB]

    Calling Your Name

    Without revealing too much of the video, we can just say one key-sentence to this video which is:
    It takes place in a church!

    Watch video  [551 KB]

    Campione 2000

    The video for the Official theme-song of the European Soccer Championships 2000. Awesome video with lots of soccer-clips :)

    Watch video  [552 KB]

    Free Like A Flying Demon

    First single from "The Explorer" and the video mostly takes place "on stage" at one of E-type's awesome concerts!

    Watch video  [562 KB]

    Here I Go Again

    Also a classic. It was actually the most played E-type video in Denmark ever. Theme was inspired from the movie called "Poltergeist"

    Watch video  [734 KB]

    I Just Wanna Be With You

    Pretty standard video - not much spectacular to say about it - features E-type wearing clothes which we might not have expected from him :)

    Watch video  [606 KB]

    I'm Falling

    Very beautiful video for E-type's very first single as a solo artist (featuring Chilly White) - shot in Iceland back in 1993.

    Watch video  [589 KB]


    First single from "Euro IV Ever". The video takes place on the roof of "Pub" in Stockholm and it includes both helicopters and fast cars.

    Watch video  [256k/512k]


    Second single from "Loud Pipes Save Lives". A really enjoyable video with a nice Olympic feeling for the Olympics in Athens 2004!

    Watch video  [256k/512k]


    First single from "Loud Pipes Save Lives". It features a girl's graduation party (guests include E-type, Johan Dereborn, Mikkey Dee, Nana Hedin & Ernst Billgren) where she dreams away to a great E-type concert.

    Watch video  [256k/512k]

    Princess Of Egypt

    The follow-up video to Angels Crying and Here I Go Again. Didn't quite live up to its expectations. Rumour has it that E-type himself didn't like it much.

    Watch video  [552 KB]

    Russian Lullaby

    A mysterious video featuring E-type - the big artist - in Russia and Dee as a prostitute trying to earn money!

    Watch video  [500 KB]

    Set The World On Fire

    The video for his breakthrough single from 1994. The only video starring Nana Hedin, the famous back-up vocalist :)

    Watch video  [588 KB]

    This Is The Way

    Tough video to describe. Features a lot of people showing how they want to live their life (remember the lyrics to the song).

    Watch video  [608 KB]

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