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Discography  [Albums]
  • Here are all albums, E-type has released so far!

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    Eurotopia  [2007]

    E-type's 6th studio-album - released on October 31th, 2007.

    Euro IV Ever in America  [2006]

    American version of E-type's 4th and 5th studio-album - released in 2006. This first official release of E-type's music in the United States contain all the great songs from both Euro IV Ever and Loud Pipes Save Lives.

    Loud Pipes Save Lives (Sport Edition)  [2004]

    Sport Edition of E-type's 5th studio-album - will be released later this summer. Apart from the success-single "Paradise" this re-release of the album also contains the official Swedish song for the Olympic Games, "Olympia".

    Loud Pipes Save Lives  [2004]

    E-type's 5th studio-album - released March 24th, 2004. With the first single "Paradise" (which he performed with at Melodifestivalen), the scene is set for yet another classic E-type album where he never disappoints his fans.

    Euro IV Ever  [2001]

    E-type's 4th studio-album - released November 21st, 2001. This is a long-awaited E-type album which has been scheduled for a long time. Was actually entitled "Eurofighter" until the desastrous day of September 11th, 2001 where the title was changed.

    Greatest Hits  [1999]

    Compilation - released November 24th, 1999. This compilation is a 2 CD-collection of all E-type's 15 singles including I'm Falling from 1993. The other CD contains 11 of the greatest remixes ever made. 2 previously unreleased mixes of So Dem A Com & Set The World On Fire

    Last Man Standing  [1999] - Canadian Version

    Canadian / US Edition - released in June, 1999. This album is exactly the same as the European version. Only difference is the cover which is totally different, BUT falsely shows that E-type & Dee is a band! This is shown by the only 2 pictures in the cover - both of them of E-type & Dee

    Last Man Standing  [1999] - Japanese Version

    Japanese Edition - released January 5th, 1999. This album contains 2 more tracks than on the European version. These are two 2 remixes - 1 of Angels Crying and 1 of Here I Go Again. The cover was also changed to the one we Europeans know as the Angels Crying single cover

    Last Man Standing  [1998] - European Version

    3rd album - released November 27th, 1998. This album was the breakthrough for E-type outside Sweden and especially Denmark. So far 380.000 albums sold worldwide. Angels Crying & Here I Go Again were 2 hit-breakers and sold platinum all over

    The Explorer  [1996]

    2nd album - released October 23rd, 1996. The Explorer showed that E-type could do more than just dance-music. And all his 5 singles also became huge hits, not only in Sweden, but everywhere!

    Made In Sweden  [1994]

    E-type's debut album. Was released back in November 1994. This album is very dance-oriented and with the first two hit-singles "Set the world on fire" and "This is the way", E-type soon became popular in his home country!

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