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Discography  [Singles]
  • Here are all singles, E-type has released so far!

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    Back 2 Life  [2010]

    1st single from the upcoming album - released on January 21st, 2011.

    Eurofighter  [2007]

    2nd single from the upcoming album - released on October 10th, 2007.

    True Believer  [2007]

    1st single from the upcoming album - released May 16th, 2007. This first single of E-type's next album is said to be the best song he's made in 10 years. These words came from none other than Max Martin, the hit producer.

    The Predator / Far Up In The Air  [2004]

    3rd single from "Loud Pipes Save Lives" - released January 5th, 2005. This single is a double A-side single containing another fan favourite "The Predator" and the outsider "Far Up In The Air". A great combination which hopefully will become a success.

    Camilla  [2004]

    2nd single from "Loud Pipes Save Lives" - released June 14th, 2004 (in the rest of Scandinavia). This second single is released outside Sweden, as E-type at the same time released the song for the Olympics "Olympia" (the official Swedish song for the Olympics in Athens Greece). Camilla is a favourite among his many fans though and is predicted great success.

    Olympia  [2004]

    2nd single from "Loud Pipes Save Lives" - released June 14th, 2004 (Sweden only). This second single is only released in Sweden as it is the official Swedish song for the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. With this song the road is once again clear for success and lots of airplay-time in Sweden during this summer's Olympics.

    Paradise  [2004]

    1st single from "Loud Pipes Save Lives" - released March 15th, 2004. The first and long-awaited single in 2 years is this happy, up-tempo dance-track which really makes one's feet move. The song participated in the Swedish Melodifestivalen (a preselection contest to the Eurovision Song Contest) and won the first semifinal.

    Banca Banca  [2002]

    3rd single from Euro IV Ever. This is a song you don't normally hear from E-type. It does fit quite well to the summer though and it's predicted good chances at becoming a good summer-hit. The song also prooves the versatility that E-type possesses.

    Africa feat. Na Na  [2002]

    2nd single from Euro IV Ever. This single will show if E-type can obtain as much success as he did with Life. Contains - as something new - both a single version and an album version. The new version should be somewhat different and a bit harder than the original.

    Life (feat. NA NA)  [2001]

    1st single from the new album, "Euro IV Ever". E-type's first singles from his previous albums have always had a major success, and we're sure it will also be the case with this single! Has reached no. 1 spot on many charts in Sweden already!

    Es Ist Nie Vorbei (Bl├╝mchen vs. E-type)  [2000]

    2nd single of the year 2000. The duet a lot of E-type fans have been waiting anxiously for is finally released! This is a really great example of the use of 2 languages in 1 song which doesn't sound bad at all.

    Campione 2000  [2000]

    1st real single of the new Millennium. This song is the Official song for the European Soccer Championships 2000 which was held in Holland/Belgium in June/July 2000. It became a huge hit in especially Holland, but also Sweden

    Hold Your Horses  [1999]

    4th single from Last Man Standing. Another big hit. This song features Herbie on vocals and is yet another great eurodance song from E-type's successful album - Last Man Standing

    Princess Of Egypt  [1999]

    3rd single from Last Man Standing. This is one of E-type's many classical pop tunes. This particular one became one of the biggest airplay successes covering all radio formats

    Here I Go Again  [1998]

    2nd single from Last Man Standing. Another megahit which again went number 1. With the first 2 singles, the album gained platinum status. Great hit in many countries. E-type made again a video based on a horror-movie - this time "Poltergejst"

    Angels Crying  [1998]

    1st single from Last Man Standing. No doubt that this song marked E-type's return to the eurodance genre. This single went straight to no. 1 all over Scandinavia and the video (which was based on the horror-movie "Friday the 13th") became a real MTV favourite!

    You Will Always Be A Part Of Me  [1997]

    5th single from The Explorer. This amazing ballad is actually based on a Swedish science history TV-show which E-type wrote music for a few years earlier! No video made for this song either

    I Just Wanna Be With You  [1997]

    4th single from The Explorer. This song became quite a bit hit in Northern Europe and again it was produced by the great duo Denniz PoP and Max Martin. Whenever they had something going, it would be a hit. Without a doubt!

    Back In The Loop  [1997]

    3rd single from The Explorer. Another classic eurodance song which also brings in a bit of E-type's former heavy metal influence. Great song which rocked all dancefloors in Scandinavia. Pity that no video was made for this song!

    Calling Your Name  [1996]

    2nd single from The Explorer. This pure pop song made "The Explorer" go to platinum status and the single too. Big hit all over and it even went up the Billboard charts. The musicvideo takes place in a church featuring E-type "getting married" or...?

    Free Like A Flying Demon  [1996]

    1st single from The Explorer. This single went straight to number 1 in Sweden and also did pretty well in the rest of Scandinavia. This song also indicated a slight change of music-style where we got to hear E-type's heavy-metal roots

    So Dem A Com  [1996]

    4th single from Made In Sweden - only released in France. France was as mentioned the only place where So Dem A Com was released and it actually did pretty well there. The single also went to be a hit in Asia where many local cover versions appeared

    Set The World On Fire 95  [1995]

    Just like the "re-release" with remixes of This Is The Way another remix single came out. This time of Set The World On Fire. This was released both in Scandinavian and US versions

    Russian Lullaby  [1995]

    4th real single from Made In Sweden. This was co-written with Jonas "Joker" Berggren from Ace Of Base and as the title goes, the single did really well in Russia and was also a very successful single all in all

    This Is The Way - The Remixes  [1995]

    Because of the great success which this song had, a lot of DJ's "found it necessary" to make a remix of it and this "the remixes" was the result of that.

    Do You Always (Have To Be Alone)?  [1995]

    3rd single from Made In Sweden. This beautiful and slow song surprised many people, used to the previous dance singles. It did, however, reach no. 1 on the Swedish Tracks chart

    This Is The Way  [1994]

    2nd single from Made In Sweden. This song is now without a doubt a dance classic and established E-type in many new markets. No. 1 and platinum in many countries. This song was the reason for the great attention which came for his debut album "Made In Sweden"

    Set The World On Fire  [1994]

    1st single from Made In Sweden. The breakthrough single for E-type which went straight to no. 2 in Sweden. Later becoming a big international hit as well as establishing E-type within the DJ community

    I'm Falling  [1993]

    1st single released as a solo artist. This single reached the charts in Sweden for 1 week before it was deleted. It wasn't a big hit, but as you know.....things got better!!

    Numania 1 & Obey (Feat. Stakka B)  [1992]

    2nd single released with Stakka B. We don't really know that much about any of the first singles, E-type has released other than they weren't that succesful.

    We Got The Atmosphere (Feat. Stakka B)  [1991]

    The very first single released with Stakka B. This single was not released in so many copies, so it's really hard to get hold of this one :(

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