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Fanreview of "Es Ist Nie Vorbei"
Review written by Andy "Flasher T" Tuch  [January 16th, 2001]

Copyright © 2001

The cover The single was weird from the start. I mean, who would have thought? E-type doesn't do a lot of cooperations at all (I'm not going to get into the argument whether Dee and Nana Hedin were independent artists now), and since he gained a lot of points with the european music community after Campione, we would have expected him to at least find someone who's on everyone's ear.
As for Blümchen, my first reaction was: "I know that name from somewhere...
But who the hell are they?" The whole of it left me pondering. The other trouble the single ran into was the lack of information. There were a few messages on the official site and on Fanglobe, but they were very unclear. The Yahoo club I run was just as stumped. From what we could tell, it was already out there. But we couldn't find it on Napster...

Time went by. A few weeks ago, I was in an electronics shop. The radio was playing. Suddenly, something caught my attention. "Sam bo rom bo".... I know that voice! I just stood there for a minute, listening. Then my foot began to tap. Oh yeah, this is definitely the E-type sound. Could it be?

I could hardly wait to turn on my computer. There it was: "E-type vs Blümchen - Es Ist Nie Vorbei". Half Blümchenan hour later, I was shocked. In a good way, mind you. It's been half a year since we heard last of E-type, and finally, here it was. I played it over and over.

It's a great song. It's wonderful, and I love listening to it. But...
It's not quite what I expected. It's a classic E-type song, something that would fit right in on "The Explorer". But after the magnificent "Campione", it doesn't turn you on as much as you could expect.

Lyrics are a very important part of E-type's music, that's beyond doubt. Here, I didn't find the beautiful symbols that usually make you see a whole picture, make you understand, what the song is about, what E-type was feeling when he wrote it. Of course, we can say - it's a commercial project. It's designed to climb the charts, to be played on the radio, to have people dancing to it. That's all fine and well, but to a dedicated E-type fan, that's just not enough. "Back in the loop" was a dance success, so was "Set the world on fire", but they carried a message, a vision. "Es ist nie vorbei" doesn't. It's a surrogate. Oh, it'll do its job very well. It will keep people interested in E-type, keep his name being mentioned on MTV, till "Eurofighter" comes out. It's E-type, but it's not the E-type we know and love.

Yours Truly,
-Andy "Flasher T" Tuch

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