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Fanreview of "E-type's music in general"
Review written by *A new American fan*  [April 11th, 2006]

Copyright © 2006

The cover Pretty awesome stuff, ladies and lads.

You are different and new, basically refreshing to us in the United States. One thing though, more ballads. Like "You will always be a part of me", and "Calling your name".

You've got loads of talent in your music. It reeks of talent and creativity. Expand a little. I know "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree", but you have got things all lined up to create a new wave of music that could start a new genre in a burnt out age of music that is filled with rap and bullshit.

I first heard you in a Country Western Club, here in Alabama. How's about THAT for reaching the far places of the world!!! (LOL) -anyway- They played "Hold Your Horses Tonight". I loved it. It took me over a year to find out who it was that sung it. No-one knew. I have since listened to most of your other music. I like all of it for sure.

One more thing. The women in your band. They bring it all together. Their voices are beautiful and oft enchanting. Keep that up.

Remember, your audience is captured MOST by the ability to live their lives, whether past or present, in the music you write and sing. That is the foundation and beauty of music. You lose yourself in it, if only just for a moment.

Signed, A new fan.

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